Panoramic Grass

Panoramic Grass is available for purchase!

Panoramic Grass is a zip file that contains 7 jpg files. Each file is a panoramic shot of grass textures.

Panoramic Grass in Virtual Reality (VR) view of one of the images

These types of images could potentially be used in 3d animation programs for ground textures, or in various blogs or websites as background images if cropped to fit your creativive needs, etc.

Bit Depth: 24 for each

Dimensions vary a bit:

10058 x 1731 Pixels

10400 x 1642 Pixels

12478 x 1282 Pixels

13438 x 1190 Pixels

13888 x 832 Pixels

18800 x 864 Pixels

and 20364 x 786 Pixels

A few keywords associated with these images: texture, panoramic, grass, blades, ground, green, field, yard, background, clover, mowed, lawn, suburb, suburban, blade, reference, sod, greenery, pasture, meadow, grassland, turf, landscape, pano, clearing, plot, tract, moor, lea, parcel.

Panoramic Grass is available for purchase on Artstation!

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