Statosparkle Panoramic Image is available for purchase on ArtStation!

Statosparkle is a zip file of a panoramic jpg photograph of the sky that was created via video analysis. There’s a couple of cropped cloud photos in the zp as well that were copied from portions of the panorama.

The Panorama itself is 8189 x 5472 pixels, but there’s some black edges around the egdge that may not be so useful.

One of the cropped images is 6333 x 2575 Pixels. The other is 3392 x 3719 Pixels.

All of the images are 72 DPI with a Bit Depth of 24.

A few keywords related to these images are cloud, clouds, cloudy, stratosphere, stratus, blue, yellow, sunrise, puffy, fluffy, sky, skies, cirrus, bright, shiny, day, trees, landscape, background, environment, environmental, skybox, forecast, rain, weather, skywatch, wind, windy, drift, drifting, overcast, cloudscape, pastel, brilliance, high fog.

StratoSparkle is available for purchase on Artstation!

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