Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day is a panorama I shot many years ago.  Back then the stitching software that I was using wasn’t that great.  Today’s stitching software can do a lot more than it used to.  The clouds and patterns they created in this image I found visually stimulating.   There’s an interesting pattern. It’s almost like the cumulus clouds are on parade.

A few keywords related to this image are sky, skies, cloud, cloudy, clouds, dreary, dark, cloudscape, dayscape, twilight, mid-day, formation, atmosphere, moody, mood, dramatic, drama, chiaroscruo, light, dark, environment, background, skybox, skyscape, storm, stormy, rain, forecast, weather, blue, white, fluffy, puffy, cumulus, fog-like, skywatch, wind, windy, drift, drifting, organic, overcast. cloudscape, organic, soft edged, blur, sun, obscure, backlit, white, glory.

You can purchase Cloudy Day is on Art Station!


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