Puff is a photo of some interesting cloud formations that remind me a bit of the old Puff the Magic Dragon Song in some ways.  There’s a few cumulus and a lot of stratus all creating interesting white patterns on a blue sky.  It looks a bit like a dragon drifting through the sky that we can barely make out, shining brightly upon us in this wonder filled day of awe.
A few keywords related to this image are blue, sky, skies, cloud, cloudy, clouds, pastel, color, bright, billiance, sun, sunny, day, daylight, dayscape, twilight, morning, sunrise, rising, sol, ra, formation, atmosphere, environment, background, skybox, skyscape, storm, stormy, rain, forecast, weather, blue, white, fluffy, puffy, cumulus, fog-like, skywatch, wind, windy, drift, drifting, organic, overcast. cloudscape, organic, soft edged, blur, sun, obscure, backlit, white, orange, red, radiant, glory.

Puff is available for purchase on Art Station.


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