Parking Lot Line

Parking Lot line is simply a panoramic texture shot of a yellow painted line in a parking lot that I shot several years ago. It’s a texture study that could be useful for a variety of purposes.

A few keywords related to this image are parking, lot, parking lot, asphalt, tar, line, aeriel, street, city, lines, space, car, park, background, pavement, abstract, bumpmap, ground, blacktop, concrete, deck, texture, black, pattern, highway, rough, stone, avenue, backdrop, bitumen, airport, driveway, parallel parking, parallel, car park, paint, yellow, black, building, architecture, streets.

Release 2.0

Version 1: Added Pano 50

Version 2: Added Pano 51

Note: Priced Reduced 7/29/2019!  Price was $5.00. Now only $2.50!

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