Crazy new device…

Crazy 3 pizza cutter, 3 back scratcher, 2 selfie stick, 2 over the door coat hanger thing (most parts purchased from dollar store a few weeks ago) home made dolly has been constructed. Got the idea over at

Basically created a 90 degree angle with the 2 of the back scratchers so as to dolly against a wall at roughly equidistant measurements for ‘texture panoramas’ and stuff like that… but it’s not 100% at a 90 degree angle so not sure if it’ll work for that particularly… but for panoramas it works nicely since it’s all on a pole, so it’s smoother turning than with regular tripod.  The two selfie sticks are at the top so I can extend up vertically a bit…  This is going to take some experimentation, but I think it’s a better solution to camera problems than the old thing I tried several years ago where I created a tablet tripod using a painting desk tripod attached to a camera tripod in a funky way.

I was originally, (and may still?) do some stuff with some toy trucks I found at Walgreens a while back… thought about using Sculpey to hold the selfie sticks in place inside of the concrete mixer on the trucks, but that was too fumbly.  .. and Katrina wants to use the trucks to play with so they are now hers…  Pizza cutter has much smoother edges than toy trucks even though toy trucks have 4 wheels…

Instead of rubber bands I’ll be using the selfie sticks or the new silicone thing that wraps around the phone that is used to attach it to a lanyard.

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