Lay of the Land

The more panoramas I shoot the more I’m starting to figure out where is best to shoot them. I’ve found about 3 or 4 perches that I’ll be shooting from more over time that I pass by daily.  Each has decent unobscured line of site to sky that isn’t blocked by too many trees, buildings, or phone poles… Assuming there isn’t going to be a lot of industrial development in the spots (one of which I think may get some eventually, but the other few may be ok for a few more years) this could be interesting over time as the scenes will be shot from roughly same location as the months and years go by.

I also randomly shoot the sky if I see interesting cloud formations, but I’m starting to phase more away from that a little since it usually doesn’t get me good results unless a happy accident that I brute forced in to existence allows it to happen.


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