Hot is a photo of some trees in a landscape with blue sky and yellow grass in the foreground.  This image was shot on a hot summer day many years ago when I used to wander aorund on lunch breaks shooting digital photos.  I like this image because it seems to be a summer theme.  When I see it it reminds me of those days when fall is coming and the the sweltering sun is pounding down on us… the times when a gentle breeze may seem like a comforting touch from God himself.

This photo was shot in what used to be a large field type area with trees nearby at the Quarterdeck Building in Columbia, Missouri. I worked in that location for nearly 14 years when I worked for the University of Missouri. A lot of recent construction in the area has massively removed this type of view of nature from this area. In the woods on the other side of the building from where this was shot an ancient deer stand can be found if you look close enough for it. It is kind of scary that deer hunters used to come here since the location is almost on top of the main shoulder in the main highway between Columbia and Jefferson City.

Digital download dimensions on Art Station:

Dimensions: 2976 x 2232 Pixels

Resolution: 72 DPI

Bit Depth: 24

Hot is available for purchase on Art Station!

Please note that today, 10/13/2020 pricing on Hot has bee massively reduced on Art Station!


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