New War City

Currently I’m working on developing some things in Roblox Studio. One recent creation is New War City. It’s available at

Team Madness inside the City that Doesn’t Sleep.
Special thanks to paricdil for the City Loader. Special thanks to Lentilkac58 for Easy Teleporter. Special thanks to DyingInside for down arrow.

Special Thanks to JediAwaken for the Bugatti Chiron Car, .Fl0werBut1 for Working Car, SilkierBearBR for Drift Car, gamemem12345 for Police Car, applejackisking for Working car (fast), Sal_isnothereSorry for Road work car, QualityModels for Working Red Supercar!, show_blaze for Lamborghini, Alpha_Pro29 for 2014 Dodge Charger, NitroPlays for Tesla, dankhak for Bloxburg car, RonnieTheOOF for Working Car, to uh_oy for Toyota Drift Car, Antontacker for Ford Fusion, b0ss_aaron5552 for Yeahh bois working drift car, officerbrianoofer for Fully Working Cop Car, diego_123 for Drift Car, N0DripNikey for LB works GTR Show Car, marcusstanley11 for Silvia drift car, dogman1345 for working car {fast}, mimiozoid for Car Realistic,TheGroup2858 for Police Car (Siren Lightbar working), youknowlifeisgood for Ro Scale Police Car, rangerpark4 for Police interceptor, milad_scp for My working fast car!, bomfunkrailways for car, to Frantic_Freddie for Skyline drag car.

Special thanks to airbomber123456 for Military Tank, romchik260 for free working tanks, MIECRAFTPRO002 for Fully working tank!, collazionewprototype for KMT-aMSEL-909A1 working tank, MaximusRomaion for German Tank WW2, Drew_77 for tank works & shoots!,

Special thanks to TrainGamerBoi for Machine Gun Turret, POOPENGUIN for minigun turret, and Controllable Turret 8,

Special thanks to joshman901 for SCP Helicoptor, Commander35 for Secret Agent Society Helicoptor, TheHolyBee for War Helicoptor, dzom for working helicoptor, FlarKiwii for Im For Medical Helicoptor,

Special thanks to NWSpacek for Motorcycle, hajwala2fan for Working Motorcycle, J_acob for Kawasaki Motorcycle,

Special Thanks to world4681 for Gun Spawner, myenkraft for Sniper Gun Giver, kirill_artem75 for Portal Gun Spawner,

Special thanks to Aillen406 for Madness Combat Truck, DodgePreston for Semi Truck, wyatt101706 for Working Trailers, Homer_LCPDFR for Chvrolet Silerado, Sal_isnotthereSorry for Road Work Pickup, MarkusGaming_02 for Rp Truck, loladammmmmmmy for the Tow Truck, OVHWalfred for Dodge Ram, AssasinMaster5678 for Military Truck, Testluty for Working Tow Truck,policeofficerNYP for Personal Police Truck,

Special Thanks to Matroscin2 for Working mAirplane 1.1, omize500 for working airplane, ||ApexGamer|| for working airplane, AzlziMason for working airplane, meguy1 for workable airplane, jonasTNT7 for working airplane, Willernin for working airplane,

Special thanks to dimdarkness0 for destructible buildings, 10as for building with shatter glass, LordClyde for Shattered Glass Set, 31kserkan for atv works, nairb5169 for shatter glass

Special thanks to pitbull2000 for Jeep working spawner,

Special thanks to ColdCrazyGoku for Jetpack works,

Special thanks to AdminForLifq for Weapon Spawner, BreakBix for Weapon and Item Spawner,

Special thans to darthdemox for rideable toothless, BackupDragon_2005 for rideable dragon pack, russell4653 for Scaley Rideable,

Special thanks to dan_TheKille for RPG enemy soldier, opposingwinds for killing npc gun soldier RapidBlaze14 for Iranian soldier, , proerd888 for Noob Killing Soldier,

Special thanks to MoonlitVr for Taxi npc, icanxlr8 for tnt,


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