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Purchasing a Tomy AFX Super International along with a 4-Way Split will not only give you the extra 12″ radius turn sections most track designs require, but will also provide you with a total of four (4) 22 VDC power packs, enough to power each lane individually. You’ll also get four (4) additional Super G-Plus cars. The 4-Way Split set includes GT Prototype sportscars as raced at Le Mans.

The first layout illustrated here is the Tomy AFX 4-Way Challenge. It combines the AFX Super International Challenge and 4-Way Split race sets described above to create a challenging 4-lane raceway with a lap length of just under 38 feet per lane.

This entire raceway fits on a single 4×8 foot table and can be built using only those track sections included in the two race sets. This race track makes extensive use of 12″ radius turns to create a fast raceway.
Tomy AFX 4-Way Challenge Raceway

View Color-Coded Track Section Drawing
This race track incorporates a technically challenging infield section to test both driving skills and chassis setup. Combining the International Challenge and 4-Way Split race sets provides a convenient and cost effective means of creating an interesting 4-lane raceway in a minimum of space.

See the Tables section for detailed instructions on building a 4×8 foot table suitable for mounting this race track. The total cost, including the two race sets and table supplies should be under $350.00, making this a great weekend project. See the Construction section for detailed photographs of the table building process.

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