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for that new afx set getting ready to come out how many and what pieces would you need to add to it to make the 3.2×7.5 ft layout become 4 lane? I’m guessing since it’s all 9Rs you’d need several 12rs to make it work but how many exactly? Would it be same number of 12rs as there are 9rs so it’s just a loop outside or do you need extra connection pieces that are shorter to do that type of thing when it’s not just a circle but something like that that goes back the other way? Still weighing options to figure out what I’m wanting to get exactly. Really seems like that Auto world return loop thing would fit in nicely for extra for out lanes on this set, maybe with a few other pieces?…/ Still a little scared about using autoworld stuff based on what folks seem to say about warping, etc. but that really seems like it’d wrap right around that new set perfectly?… of course you’d have to add in a terminal and controllers…

AFX Super Cars 15-Foot Mega G+ HO Slot Car Track Set - COMING SOON


AFX Super Cars 15-Foot Mega G+ HO Slot Car Track Set – COMING SOON

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  • ActiveJeff ThomannAuthoranswering my own question… I think it’s 6″ Radius 1/8 Circle that has to go on the flip side for the reverses on the 9 inchers swivels… so six of the the 12 in rounds for the convex curves plus 4 of the 6″ 1/8th curves (2 packs of them since they come in 2 per pack) for the matching concaves… equal number of straights… 5 of the 15 inch straights plus one 15 inch terminal… plus 2 controllers plus a power pack…. so real issue on supply/demand is finding terminal pieces as they seem to always be out of stock on afx terminals on rcsuperstore and on afxracing sites… so got to spluge on that and get the autoworld staging tree thing that is really meant for dragstrips but does function as a terminal…. so pricing this out on rcsuperstore with the base list price of that new set I’m coming up with total cost of around 330.00 for the new set plus extras to go around it if you use the autoworld return thing for most of the extras… which is around base price of what they are calling list price for afx international set until they do the markdowns to 280ish on rcsuperstore or walmart or whereever… not too shabby except that it uses a lot of autoworld parts to make it happen…. and you end up with roughly 15 feet of 4 lane instead of the 25 feet internationl set starts out with or the 39 feet it can do if you added 12 of the 15 inch straights… but for scenery designing and stuff this gives you a lot more table room to play with I guess… hmm… choices and decisions… decisions, decisions…. man budgeting this stuff and thinking about how layouts can fit together uses a lot of thought, lol… p.s. only videos I’ve ever seen anywhere on the 39 inch international thing (which don’t include the extra 12) is over at and … do google search for international 39 for layout plans on that – it’s really just superinternational plus 12 straights… but if I calculated all of this up right on current prices at rcsuperstore that 39 inch ends up costing a lot more unless you would be ‘happy’ with the indy cars that come in that set – I’m not a huge indy fan myself and like the more classic cars like the afx corvettes and gts, etc. … still have to think about this a lot since it relies heavily on autoworld stuff, which may end up being subpar quality?… but at sub 400 prices for 4 lanes with actually decent looking cars sounds better than 600-700 for stuff built around ugly super international with tons of tiny curves in the middle?…. the autoworld victory 400 is priced at around 379 but then you end up with autoworld chasis instead of mega g+ stuff… and a wireles controller that may or may not have sync issues with 100% autoworld track…. hmm….

International 39 – click on layouts.

$578.81 at vs 666.40 at counting shipping with the same 15 items… international set, 6 of the pair of 15 inch straights (12 total), 100 pack of the track clips, race barrier, yellow gt triple stripe, 2 of the 6 foot 120 ohm controllers, blue mustang boss, orange corvette, and liquid red fort gt. Still debating with myself if that’s enough or not to start out with. Going to try to use the 12 straights to do the ‘international 39’ layout…/Layout/4×8/International-39.gif I’m still debating with myself if this is too much to start out with, but my wife says straights are needed for speed… Video over at seems to be the only video I’ve found on youtube with that layout. In the video he didn’t have all the straights so only did 2 lanes… Got a HO scale train set up next to this where it’ll go after I buy another piece of plywood, and have enough cash together to purchase (waiting on withdrawal from Entropia Universe to fund this which takes up to 50 business days or so – sold my 2 shops in FOMA in there for 150 more than I bought em, and also sold a rcouple of rare pets – the boxer and oratan axe for a bit more than I purchased them for a few years ago last year, so figure it’s time to get money out of the virtual world hobby and in to real hobby like this that I can share more with my kiddo one one one )… figure we only need 2 of the 6 foot controllers since only me and my daughter will be racing mostly. The other 2 lanes will be for visitors. Thinking about raising one side a bit to sneak a HO scale train under it or beside it but we’ll see… flat may be better for speed and fewer crashes? (I think I agree with my wife that wireless controllers could be fluky if bluetooth syncing is an issue which the tinkertoy video seems to indicate indirectly) (still very much debating with myself if the extra cars are worth it at cost over 30 each but that price seems to be less than from afxracing itself and walmart prices so I guess it is market value for the new cars… really wish they had an afx car in green or something. Orange is ok but is very similar to red for those of us with slight color blindness… primary colors of red, yellow, blue is ok, but need something else for that 4th lane option other than the regular formula stuff)… are the cars in the international faster than the mustang, etc. or is it all comparable when they all have the mega g+ chasis? Seems like formula 1 may have slightly better air resistance physical properties, but cannot tell if that’d make much of a difference? the free shipping on over 100 seems to make a big dent in price comparisons. Still very much debating if this is all worth it, but think it might be fun…. we’ll see. Not sure if this will be bought eventually later this year or it’ll wait… or be replaced with something like an air hockey table?!?…

prices at walmart are not much better than afx racing… on some items it may be a little difference, but still around 330 for the international set vs 248 over at rc racing, at least for now… may change around black friday?

RC superstore seems to have cheaper rates than afxracing or walmart at the moment at of 9/4/2022….

This next track layout also fits on a single 4×8 foot table and uses the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set in addition to one dozen 15″ straight track sections. This layout makes use of every track section contained in the Super International. This design packs a 39 foot lap length on to a simple 4×8 foot table.
International 39 Raceway

View Color-Coded Track Section Drawing
If you own the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set and are thinking about building a permanent HO race track this is an inexpensive layout to construct. Just add a dozen 15″ straights and you’ll have an excellent raceway. The circuit is comprised of three fast straights with a technically challenging infield section.

The table below lists the Tomy AFX track sections required to build the International 39 raceway:
(24) – 15″ Straights (2)  – 9″ Straights (8)  – 6″ Straights (6)  – 3″ Straights
 (1)  – 15″ Radius 1/8 Turn (6)  – 12″ Radius 1/8 Turns (9)  – 9″ Radius 1/8 Turns(12) – 9″ Radius 1/4 Turns(28) – 6″ Radius 1/8 Turns
(2) – 15″ Power Tracks(2) – 22 VDC Power Packs(4) – Tomy AFX Hand Controls


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