1:87 jupiter creations



This looks like it’ll fall apart and have problems quickly, so may not be a good idea… I like the lego combination with the slot cars. I like the true 1:87 scale so it’s comparable with HO trains whereas other cars are 1:67 or bigger… I like that it’s cheaper than the Carrera Build N Race sets and has more ‘floor pieces’ to build around the track, but at only 5 volts dc and a new player on the block that cannot even advertise correctly (on wal-mart’s site it says it includes batteries and in same description that it is usb powered and has no batteries) it seems fluky and a bad idea in general, at least for now. Some forums I’ve read about it indicate it may be an old mold from way back in the 1960s that got reworked… and there are reasons whey stopped using it back then… too small to keep balanced… also ready that brushes fall out of it easily and are a pain to get back in since it’s rolled instead of screwed in or something…. hmm….


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