ideas from facebook posts in ho slot car enthusiasts group…

Viper, BSRT and Wizzard are the next steps up or sideways on the peak as far as a USA factory made car and build


MG+ cost twice as much as AW because they are 4 times better. 

The auto world x-traction all have a problem with the rear hubs being off center causing a wobble or bouncy car…

The thunder jets don’t have that issue ……… but autoworld is only $20….. AFX at $40 is a great deal …… viper at $60 is super high quality and insanely fast ……

MegaG+ is super fast and uses 120ohm controllers that no other magnet car uses. That super international set comes with an adjustable power supply. It also comes with a lifetime supply of 6″ radius turns, so have fun picking your $50 cars up off the floor on the lowest power setting. Also, make sure you by track clips so the track will stay together.

Correct AW is slower…FYI, they offer 3 designs of chassis. I recommend Viper Scale Racong an improved SG+…you can get them with out traction magnets. Use Lexan bodies OR use an adapter for the older AFX bodies or any AW body that fits 1.5″. 

 They have new Mustang, Camaro and C8 Corvette molds coming out next month. They recently released new 2 GT40 paint schemes and 2 GT40 MKIV molds as well as new color of Ford GT. Hurry before supplies run out, the after market prices for some models are crazy. There are some ’69 Mustangs and ’70 Camaros out there as well as “70 Vettes. Have fun


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