Scoobie meets Batman +

still need to think this through a bit… it’s over 8 foot long… need it to fit on 8×4 foot plywood panel if possible since we only have a limited amount of room to play with.

Messing around with Ultimate Racer 3.0 today trying to figure out how to lay out this set I’ll be putting together eventually (still waiting on Entropia Universe withdrawal since August 25. They say it takes around 50-60 business days… they take your money instantly but make you wait months to get it back)….

Auto World Scooby Doo Meets Batman & Robin 18′ HO Slot Car Set


1 – Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine 4 Gear Slot Car
1 – 1966 Cartoon Series Batmobile 4 Gear Slot Car

2 – Speed Controllers
1 – Power Pack

1 – 15” Terminal Track
2 – 15” Straight Track
5 – 9” Straight Track
2 – 9” Squeeze Track
1 – 3” Straight Track
6 – 9” Radius Curve (1/4 Circle)
1 – Loop Base
4 – Curved Loop
6 – Loop Fasteners
8 – Guard Rails
10 – Track Supports
90 – Track Support Pillars
18 – Flagpoles
1 – Flag Sticker Sheet
1 – Cardboard Backdrop & Sticker Sheet

1 – Track Cleaning Pad
1 – Instructions for Assembly

Loop is roughly 14-15 inches I think… It’s in the pic as the two pieces not connected that are next to one another…


Added in Auto World Top Fuel Dragster Return Loop

Kit Contents:

1- 9″ straight track piece
8- 12″ curved track pieces
10- 15″ straight track pieces


Added in

Auto World HO Slot Car 9″ Jump Track with Support Pieces

(shows as 9 inch terminal in the image since they don’t have jump track in there)


Added in

Auto World HO Slot Car 9″ Lap Counter Track


will add in AFX HO Slot Car Track Race Barriers – 3x 31-Inch Sections and a few extra cars…


oh, and important add in:

Auto World HO Slot Car Intersection Track Piece – AFX Compatible – that makes the lower left side sort of take on the Carrera on to the Podium set’s type of shape with the intersection loop… Wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get the 12 inch loop pieces in there but this makes it work pretty easy…

—- also. ..

adding in a 3″ and 6″ straight since I think I’m going to need them… at least one of each, I think, but it’s hard to guesstimate since loop icon is guesstimate in this image… may add 2 just for good measure. I know the loop’s intersection does require one three inch to span width of the loop… but not but not sure on exact math on the rest of it… Hopefully this diagram will help me make this build easier than the HO Track build was where I was just eyeballing everything, staring at a huge pile of old track and getting frustrated with all the different sizes, shapes, diameter, etc.


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