Blank Template:


Autoworld Scoobie Doo Meets Batman & Robin 18′ HO Slot Car Set

Autoworld Top Fuel Dragstar Return Loop

8 packs of 2 AFX Curve 6″ 1/8 circle ho slot car track section (2 per pack)

1 afx stright 3″ ho slot car section pair (2 per pack)

3 afx stright 6″ ho track section pairs (2 per pack)

I’ll probably swap out one of the 9 inchers with an autoworld 9″ jump track and another with the 9: autoworld lap counter track…

adding in the afx 1968 black flame car since it’s cool and Katrina likes it, 100 track clips, afx track barrier, afx stocker two pack, and a yellow autoworld jeep we are looking at around 530 bucks on rc superstore. It’d be a lot cheaper to do the joysways or goldenbright stuff on walmart but that stuff just looks like toys and is sort of newer versions of ninco or artin type track so is likely not too reliable and it’s all bigger than afx stuff, so it’s not got a lot of expansion possibilities…

p.s. the batman meets scoobie movies (two episodes that run about an hour and a half) can be found in a few places online and in stores… It’s a 2020 or so release remake of 1972 cartoons…

I think I may do a couple of variations of this now that I know more about what I’m doing in the track planner thing.


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