bah, just get scoobie and foget the 39… darn indy cars cannot do loops.



RC superstore seems to have cheaper rates than afxracing or walmart at the moment at of 9/4/2022….

This next track layout also fits on a single 4×8 foot table and uses the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set in addition to one dozen 15″ straight track sections. This layout makes use of every track section contained in the Super International. This design packs a 39 foot lap length on to a simple 4×8 foot table.
International 39 Raceway

View Color-Coded Track Section Drawing
If you own the Tomy AFX Super International Racing Set and are thinking about building a permanent HO race track this is an inexpensive layout to construct. Just add a dozen 15″ straights and you’ll have an excellent raceway. The circuit is comprised of three fast straights with a technically challenging infield section.

The table below lists the Tomy AFX track sections required to build the International 39 raceway:
(24) – 15″ Straights (2)  – 9″ Straights (8)  – 6″ Straights (6)  – 3″ Straights
 (1)  – 15″ Radius 1/8 Turn (6)  – 12″ Radius 1/8 Turns (9)  – 9″ Radius 1/8 Turns(12) – 9″ Radius 1/4 Turns(28) – 6″ Radius 1/8 Turns
(2) – 15″ Power Tracks(2) – 22 VDC Power Packs(4) – Tomy AFX Hand Controls


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