plywood fun

got plywood today…. blasted lumber yard got me 3/8 inch instead of 1/4 inch, and this thing is very thin and bendy/fragile…. made it work by stacking the old stack shelves up 3 high on top rung to flatten it out… sprayed down the bottom with water just now and laid a ton of books, a hammer or three, and a couple of loaded tool boxes on top to hopefully fix the warping. we’ll see. Order placed recently for the slot cars… hopefully we’ll be up and running on them soon. Work gave me a employee appreciation 20 bucks on Amazon so spent that on some tiny 1/87th scale figures for the train table – cheapest thing I could find on Amazon related to this hobby with shipping, etc. Finally got a couple of them the other day… so tiny… Takes forever for delivery from China, lol. Slowly moving along… This thin plywood isn’t going to take staples the way I wanted it to if it was 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch so ugh…. we’ll figure out something else for the borders if there will be any at all.


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