No walking/Shovel Glove for a long while…

Today, they found this little guy behind our building at work:
Hisser at QD

Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be walking out in the peremeter of the parking lot and in the trail out in back of the building where the exercise equipment is that I was on the other day for a while. The woods out there is thick. I have heard rustling in the leaves when back there but assumed it was just squirrels up until now. I guess I’ll focus on the video workouts more for a while. After the knife injury a while back, and the dip injury yesterday, I don’t need to add poisonous snake bite to the list…


Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

This is a horse head I created in Lightwave tonight as a part of the speed model challenge over at It took about one hour and 45 minutes to create the 3d model. I may go back and add some hair to it in saslite eventually.

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Genesis – The Golden

Genesis the Golden
Genesis – The Golden
Copyright 2010 by Jeff Thomann
Media: Color Pencil on Gessoed Hardboard
Original Status: Not for Sale at this time
Original Size: 5″x7″