Funny little things about Power 90

In Phase III-IV Circuit when Tony does the lunge/squats he miscounts on the first one and only does 4 instead of 5 squats.

In phase III-IV Circuit when doing the stretching at the beginning Tony says now switch arms but then corrects himself… The stretch goes from in front of the shoulders to behind the head with the same arm.

Tony’s little remarks to the camera about not sweating after the III IV sweat’s power yoga is not that funny if you are sweating a ton by then. I ususally end up flipping off the camera while in Warrior Pose as he says that. Same type of things goes for the ‘extra set of arms’ in the same tape when he lies and says there is only one when he starts the second set.

Might add more here later as I notice them.

Humor can be a good thing when working out, but being a jackass when you are instructor with snide remarks isn’t all that funny.