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did a system restore…

did a system restore a few weeks back… now reinstalling the many gigabytes of programs and old photos on cds and dvds I’ve had over the years. Going to give winkflash a try again…



I’ve had a Shutterfly account for a long while. I am going to probably upload more to it in the near future. They have unlimited free space too as far as I can tell, and prints from there can go to (or at least could last time I logged in many months ago) Target for printing. However, like some other places, they are focused on making the uploader in to a customer rather than allowing the photo uploader to sell stuff to others. You can share photos, but there are limitations to that.

I suspect that if Shutterfly ever lets artists/content creators/photographers start selling their stuff on there, like Zazzle and Cafepress do, it’d be the hands down best place to do this sort of stuff. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon… unfortunately.