Ghetto Bell

Inspired by various other ‘ghetto bells’ I’ve seen in various places online, and various blogs and websites that talk about how great of an exercise the kettle bell is, the other day I decided to create my own ghetto bell. A ghetto bell is a home made kettle bell substitute…

Here is this lovely beauty:
Ghetto Bell

I will probably use it after work since I keep it in the trunk of my car. It sits next to my ‘Samurai crowbars,’
samuari crobars

which I plan to use to do workouts that are similar to the Phayze’s Shovel Glove Moves:

I tried the ghetto bell out today and did about 10 kettle bell swings from between the legs to over head and it is very nice movement and weight, and then did a few shoulder flies with it and it works very nicely. Back was not used to that load, but as I practice it more I will get more and more used to it I think. It’s tough staying with your shoulders far enough back to not hurt your back like you are supposed to do with these sort of heavy swings, but it’s far from impossible. Trick is keeping tailbone and lower back tucked in somewhat, and shoulders back.