The new blog for the Family Tree and Family Obituaries, etc. is located at

A long while back I started a family deaths post on this blog.

This was done for a lot of different reasons…

There was a bunch of deaths in the family in a very short time span (shortly after our wedding, and at least one just a couple of weeks prior to our wedding) when that originated.  They all had a variety of reasons that they happened… some were due to cancer, some to old age, some to drunk driving accidents.  (The drunk driving accidents happening this closely to our wedding is one main reason my wife and I never drink much at all (like maybe 3 glasses of wine a year max for myself and even less for her))…

I started researching various family tree stuff over the many months since that time, and have just very recently, within the last couple of weeks (After Granny’s passing – she was my last grandparent to leave this world… ) started heavily working on my family tree on

I really like because it’s FREE as it’s run by the Church of Later Day Saints, but it’s still got the same, if not better, hints and tools to help you like the other family history sites do… If you give it enough information it’ll start pulling in copies of information from various burial sites, marriage record sites and documents, military draft documents, census documents, etc., and it allows you link all of these sources in to your family tree, and add details from each of those sources in to the person that in your tree that that document is attached to…   I’ve been contemplating researching a lot of the family more extensively… and adding blog posts here showing my findings…  In ancient days when my grandparents discussed their siblings and earlier lives, I’d heard many names, and some stories, etc., but never could piece it all together until now when I can dig in to the family tree on and find more info.  That’s not the only site I plan to use to research things. Sites like are also useful, and I’m sure before long I’ll be finding more info on other sites, such as news story sites, military history sites, etc.

In all of this research I’m likely to copy/paste many of the ‘sources’ here since I know from decades of working on large internet projects that websites disappear over time, etc. so original sources are sometimes hard to find. I mean no copyright invasion in doing that, and am only taking these type of actions solely for historic purposes to sort of ‘create a legacy’ so to speak… something my daughter may find interesting later at some point in time, perhaps even after I’ve left this world and moved on to the next, when those original sources may no longer exist… If you do think you own copyright to some of the stuff here and want me to remove it, please comment, or try to reach me through some other means and I’ll see what I can do about removing it.

Tags, and keywords in posts related to this line of inquiry, etc. will likely be family! – Great Grandfather