Jeff is reclaiming his unique digital identity with a sense of clarity.


Ugh… Various Philosopies…

I’m going to create an “Ugh… Various Philosophies” page today on this site to showcase my various “unique mental train of thoughts” on a lot of different things in life, religion, the Universe, and various other things.

The page will be the sort of a place that those who might be thinking about writing my eulogy someday may want to visit to come up with ideas and inspirations. It will be a place with some very interesting takes on some biggies in life that are sort of ‘wow’ revelation ideas that came to me at various points in life… that I figure are big enough to share with others somewhere.

Enjoy yourself reading it!


little bit of catching up to do…

Last few months I haven’t been working out much other than just walking around at work a lot.  Going to fix that going forward… Weight chart isn’t pretty, but will start showing some improvement soon.  I’m going to try to start spending an hour a day working out if possible as many days as possible.

I must get in shape so that I can keep up with my child, and live long enough to see her grow.




Working out…

Well, now that I’ve started to get better (been sick with walking pneumonia for a couple of weeks) I’m going to start working out more again.  Did a little 12 minutes of cardio today. Will do more going forward daily.  Planning to do a little kettlebell or HIIT (high intensity interval training) after work before bed, and cardio after getting up before work.  We’ll see how it goes.

Fiction/Comics going anti-agnostic

This post will be edited later with a more in-depth discussion and/or a follow-up post may be added later on this topic since there’s a lot of meta-abstract-ideas to discuss possibly.

I’ve been studying some trends going on with Marvel Comics and mass media in general on and off a few years, and how it all relates somewhat to underlying philosophies, culture, and religion….  some of the stuff below is just theories, oddball out-there ideas, and “conspiracy theories” type of crazy talk, but some of it might have some relevance and importance on a meta-level.

It seems to me that Marvel Comics, and mass media in general is starting to move away it’s somewhat existential or ‘Gnostic’ Memes and themes that grew out of cultural revolutions such as those back in the 1960s-1970s and 1990s and in to something opposite of that, which is bit more of a ufo-cultish indoctrination type of thing on some levels. The focus seems to be moving from the positive ideal that YOU, as an individual, have the power within you to take actions, and change your situation in life to a much more negative, depressive and coercive ideal that You, the individual, are ‘stuck’ with what life throws at you so you have to “deal with it” as best you can and that you have to ‘roll with the punches’ and ‘do what you can to just survive’ instead of being empowered to make change from an internal source.

Wikipedia List of Cosmic Entities in Marvel Comics:

This in part has to do with the move to partner with Disney more (Agents of Shield is on ABC, which is partnered with Disney, etc.) and in part with the copyright issue of the X-men being purchased by Fox several years back…

Marvel sold their popular X-men copyright to Fox so Fox could do some comics and movies, but later Marvel decided to make their own movies and Marvel Cinematic Universe thing by doing their own movies and tying them all together with the Infinity Gem backstory… that back story is very gnosticy in some ways, but also anti-gnosticy in others…

HERE I NEED TO INSERT BIG EXPLANATION OF GNOSTICISM AND WILL EDIT THIS LATER WITH MORE INFO… , and the idea of mutants with powers from within themselves, like the gnostics/occultists/wizards/magicians, etc. vs the idea of ufo cultists – powers from outside of yourself controlling your destiny, etc.

Now, for all you conspiracy theorists out there, was this massive pop-culture change planned, and does it have anything to do with the recent moves by worldwide governments to start implementing more and more military type oversight of everything everywhere as we move down the slippery slope towards external rule as slaves to the military state?… We have more eyes in the skies (cameras everywhere on cell phones, in every corner of every mall, casino, and downtown, on police vehicles and people, etc.) big military installations tracking online stuff, etc. Did Fox or Disney, or a combination of the two… Who, what, where when yadda, yadda, yadda, and rumbleberry blue too…

Jewish Superman Origins…etc.

more will be added here later. Sorry for the lack of time to write this all up right here/now… book mark and come back in a few days/months and you might be surprised by what you find here.


Been sick the last 2 days.  Stomach bug has me and most of the rest of my family down at the moment. Not pretty.  Lowered food intake a lot so that I don’t puke, etc.  Thinking it might be time to use this as the ‘starting point’ of going more paleo than I have in the past since the system is ‘cleaned out’ now.  Going to be difficult with holidays coming up, but something I need to probably do.

10.9.2015 Starting to plot more often and pay attention.


Red line is goal. Blue Line is actual weigh ins.  Red Line is close to goal for 5 years. May change end date on red line to 5 years from now to get more accurate and realistic as it’s currently showing 2/9/2019, which would have been 5 years from 2/9/2014.

I can and will get below the red line, and get to goal target bmi. I now have the ability and will work towards the goal daily.

It’s been hit and miss in the past. Refocus, and work at it daily today and going forward.  Going to try my best to log this type of stuff daily.

Daily Goals:
Exercise after Waking Up (HIIT or Weights).
Exercise before Going to Bed (Aerobics)
Walk to Work as much as possible.
Eat Paleo Diet Three Times a Day.
(one protein+ two veggies + one or two fruit)
Try to Stick with No-S diet as much as possible.
(No snacks, no sweets, no seconds except on Special Holidays)
Log Workouts in Fitocracy.

Weekly Goals:
Weigh in at least once a week. Log it.
Check Sugar Levels at least once a week.

Changing Priorites…

I’ve added my List of Artist’s blog over at to one of my start pages in my browser, and plan to start adding more to it daily. There’s only a handful of posts there from a long time back when I started that blog with good intentions to work on it daily, but lost focus on it a few days after making it. Since I’ve dropped doing the EMR portion of my job at work to lower stress, and want to focus on health and positive things and getting inspired to do great things in my life going forward, I’m going to try to add more to that blog daily.  I plan to add a post a day there, or maybe more.  Due to copyrights and things, I’m not sure I’ll add a lot of images there since I don’t really want to get sued any time soon, but will try to do a variety of links to places you can find images.  Over time I’m hoping this will help me grow as an artist and give those in the community looking for artistic resources a place to find some interesting stuff.