Jeff is reclaiming his unique digital identity with a sense of clarity.


Until I have more time to work on the html files, a temporary php gallery has been set up at

If above link doesn’t work (since I failed to pay to extend the .faith domain name) try

That is highly unorganized, and is just a quick fix since it uses one file to make a temporary gallery of everything there.  The ‘new blog’ is at or alternatively

Since it’s a slow process hand coding the main site over there, the blog there will be the ‘new’ location for everything essentially.  Please visit for future items and the art blog as that is where the true Portfolio and Artfolio will now be housed going in to the future.

The home of my official “Online Portfolio” is a bit of a work in progress at the moment.

The site I’m working on currently is

(If I forget to pay my domain name fee some time down the road, the actual site is at )

The portfolio is always under construction as I’m always tweaking things to make it better. Some days I put more images in there. Others, I remove some. Some days I add more categories, others I remove them. If you like following my work, you might want to bookmark it, and/or bookmark this blog since it has links to that site.

It will take me a while to get the site fully functional since the server doesn’t allow Server Side Includes, which is a major thing that I used to rely on with my old site’s navigation menus.  The new site relies on php instead. You can get the same results with php as you do with SSI, but it’s going to take me a while (weeks, months, maybe even years, depending on how in depth I make the portfolio site, to get all of the navigation stuff converted over to php).

It’s also going to take me a while to fix all of the links on the blog here leading back to the portfolio site since I plan to get the blog and portfolio site to work in conjunction with one another, where one assists the other with more details about the artwork, reason that the work was created, history of the work’s evolution, etc.

The odds are likely that in the winter months more will get done on the blog and portfolio site than in the summer months since I simply will  have more time to work on it as I won’t be so focused on yard work, etc.

Artfolio vs Portfolio Blog Posts:
I plan to tag and categorize all future posts that I consider a part of my true art portfolio as “Portfolio” at some point in the future. This is different than the posts tagged or categorized as artfolio. Artfolio is reserved for all of my artworks posted in this blog, both unfinished and finished as well as works in progress, quick preliminary sketches, ideas, notes on technique, diary type art-related postings, etc. Portfolio tagged items are a subset of Artfolio tagged items which are more finished, and worthy of viewing.

A lot of artists don’t like to show the unrefined, unfinished works to the public for a variety of reasons. I like doing this so that it’s easier to see techniques being used, discuss various methods of doing things, discuss the historical rationale behind symbols and patterns being utilized, etc. That’s why I created the artfolio tag and category. The portfolio tag and category is reserved for things that I would, and may actually put in my real world art portfolio. The Artfolio stuff is more of a hodge podge mix of everything I do that’s art related.

You can get to the Artfolio by going in to the Artfolio Category. The URL to get there is
You CAN also just click here to get Artfolio.

You can get to the Portfolio by going in to the Portfolio Category. The URL to get there is
You CAN also just click here to get to the Portfolio.