Shops & Sites


Jeff’s Art Station Store – Digital Photos and Files can be purchased here

Jeff’s Society 6 Shop – A variety of Products with digital photos printed on them can be found here

Jeff’s Prints on Art Station – Art Prints of some of my photos and artwork can be found here.  Please note that sometimes I upscale to get dimensions required for prints so some of them may have some level of pixelation.

Jeff’s Photos & Prints Facebook Page – Main page on facebook for my photos and links to different products in some of the shops and stores listed here.


Jeff’s Fine Art America Shop – A variety of products can be found here with my images printed on them.  At the moment I am not subscribing to their annual plan, so there’s not nearly as many images here as there are on Society 6, but some of the products are different than listed on Society 6 so take a looksy.  I may subscribe someday if there’s enough demand for this.

Jeff’s Zazzle Shop – There’s a variety of products with my images on them here as well.  I haven’t uploaded as many items here as I have to Society 6 but may someday.  

Jeff’s Tee Public Shop 

Jeff’s Threadless Shop

Jeff’s Turbosquid Shop – Turbosquid used to be my primary online shop a few years ago. However, they are mainly for 3d products instead of stock photos, and their interface sort of hides stock photos you upload here from searches for some reason or the other, so I’m not using them as much as I used to, but I do still have quite a few older photos here.  I will eventually move some of them to ArtStation.  I also may work on adding more here if Turbosquid changes there ways to allow Stock Photos the recognition they need. 


Portfolios/Marketing Sites:

Jeff’s Art Station Portfolio – this part of Art Station is dedicated to my Traditional Artwork for the most part.  Photos, Panoramas, and Digitally edited Images are mainly in the Store portion of the Art Station Site.

Jeff’s Behance Website

Social Media:

Jeff’s Linked In Page

Jeff’s Twitter Feed

Real Life Blogs:

Jeff’s Primary Blog (This one, aka Jeffs.Faith)

Thomann Family Blog (Genealogy, Family Tree, and Obituary Blog)

Healthy Jeff (blog focused on exercise, and being healthy)