Stock Photos

Eventually, I created a Turbosquid account and started using it a lot. Over the years, I’ve added over 9000 assets to Turbosquid. You can find my stuff at Turbosquid by clicking the link below.


You can find my store on Artstation by clicking here.

On occassion, I link some of my Stock Photo things in to the blog here. You can find those posts by clicking on the Stock Photo Catetory, by going directly to the url: or just click here.

I love wandering around with a digital camera, sometimes with a voice recorder in my camera bag. I have liked creating photos since the first time I got my hands on a camera to create some art for a 4H project when I was in elementary school.

Before digital cameras came around I did not do a lot of photography since I could not afford to constantly be paying high fees for film and printing. When I got my first digital camera, a huge 1.3 megapixel camera that was considered “high tech” at the time, I started exploring the internet and photography a lot more than I had before that time.

I remember going on vacation once and taking a ton of photos at the Painted Desert, and I actually printed that entire stack of photos that was on the disk, ending up with a bill at Columbia Photo that was over $100.00 – which was WITH a discount that they were giving me as if I had only created one image and made copies of it instead of creating a huge amount of single prints as I was doing. They gave me the discount since they felt sorry for me, lol.

Something similar happened back in college when I was heavily in to studying a lot of different things on computer programming as well as art related websites, and printed a gigantic stack of websites one weekend. At that time, when digital student id technology was still new Truman State University. and everything was based on punch cards, the Help Desk folks could not believe that my account had such a high number of prints on it even though I told them that it was legit, so they gave lowered my bill on prints that semester by around $100.00 too…. so even though the few times that I do print things is costly, I am still always 200.00 ahead of where I should be, lol.

I’m going to start using Zazzle more. It’s similar to Cafepress, but also different. I will likely go back to each of my artfolio images and re-upload them to Zazzle eventually, putting a new link to my zazzle account in each of the posts that I’ve already created on Cafepress. That way my products are in both Cafepress and Zazzle. I am also probably going to do likewise for Createspace, and Lulu. Additionally, I’ll likely move some of my images that are on Turbosquid over to Zazzle and Cafepress so that the good photos are on all the markets out there. I’m also investigating a few places that let artists sell their real world artwork directly and not electronically. I might use one of those places to sell originals of some things eventually.

My Zazzle shop is located at