day 55…

Day 55 – Just a little workout this morning… so far 20 kettlebell swings + 20 passarounds on both arms with the kettlebell.  Dropped it on accident near the end.  Drinking coffee today and having a little more of the candy that we got the other day to hand out if it lasts that long, so heart rate is a little high.  I probably will do more kettlebells every now and then today.

So far, Tekla has not started the Power 90.  I was going to restart it with her to walk her through it, but so far she’s not been feeling too well the last couple of days.  I think my weight loss through exercise will stop being so fast when we are doing that til she’s up to the iii-iv level… but that’s ok because we’ll be doing this journey together, so the chances of success will increase a lot for both of us.


this evening did another little round with kettle bell.  Tekla’s decided to wait to start the Power 90 later this week…

Ate pretty bad today… more darn candy… urgh.  Why did I buy that the other day when I went to the store to get Tekla some sprite?

day 46

It’s the 46th day of the 1000 day challenge. This morning I did a 20 minute cardio workout followed by 30 kettlebell swings with 22.5 lb weights on the kettlebell. The swings are starting to get comfortable enough that I should probably up it to 30 lbs, but I’m not ready for that yet since I don’t want to overdo things yet… That and I’m thinking I might try that 50 minute kettlbell tape again someday soon… So far I’ve only been able to do half of that tape and that was at the 15 lb weight level… have never tried it at this weight level yet.

Last night I didn’t workout. At a meeting at work they had cake, so since I messed up the morning I figured I’d just count yesterday as ‘rest day’ for this week – so I made spaghetti and garlic toast out of some bread last night and we had that for supper. I’ll probably try to do at least one workout each day this weekend to make up for the rest day yesterday. I’m trying to get away from rest days in midweek since they work better on Sundays when I do laundry and other household chores, run errands, go shopping, etc. but sometimes the situations just call for rest in the middle of the week… and as long as I do try to get back on schedule I’m not going to beat myself up for those times… I am human and part of this process is learning to listen to my body’s needs – including the need for rest from time to time.

44th evening of the 1000 day challenge…

It’s the 44th evening of the 1000 day challenge. Tonight I did the Power 90 Cardio Abs III-IV Workout and then after that, when I was exhausted and “sweating like a dog” as Tony calls it, I did 20 kettlebell swings followed by 20 Kettlebell Passarounds. I’m not sure if passaround is the official name for it, but that’s what I call it… where you hand off the kettlebell from left hand to right hand while swinging it all the way around your waistline. I did 10 of those to the left and then 10 to the right.

42nd evening…

42nd evening of the 1000 day challenge. Tonight’s Cardio Abs III-IV tape is now complete. I sadly had a handful of candy corn before this workout, so the workout was harder on me than normal since heart rate was crazy high and sweat level was too… sweating like a faucet. I don’t think the tee shirt that I used as a sweat towel has been that wet outside of a laundry machine ever… but I managed to get through the workout… candy corn reason was sugar of 91 after work… I overdid it and hand candy corn, ok… maybe it was 1.5 handfuls instead of one… and then had some sunflower seeds and a slice of ham and cheese with it.. probably should not have eaten all that before the workout… but I did… tomorrow is a new day. At least I got the two workouts in today.

day 40…

Day 40… still taking it easy a bit…trying to rest to get better a little… but… I did swing the Kettle bell a little this morning… upped the weight to 22.5 lbs and did about 20 swings and then 10 pass-around-the-waists each way… then a couple of snatches on each arm.

I might try to do that again in a few more hours… If I can get 2-3 sessions of that in it’s a little more than nothing… IT’S A BIG JUMP adding 7.5 lbs to the weight that I was using last time…

edit… ok… it’s about 15 minutes later… and I just did another set of 20 swings… will probably continue this on and off throughout the day.

edit… lower back pain a little after that set… so now lowering weight back down to the 15 lbs.
about 15 minutes later… another 20 swings… much easier with the 15 lbs… don’t feel like I’m going to kill my back.
an hour or two later… 20 more swings.

sticking with this weight for now because I probably need to work on form more… even though it seems like I’m doing it right… I have a mirror and watch myself in it… might be time to use webcam to record it to study where the form is wrong.

This evening I just did another 20 swings… on this go round I upped the weight to the full 30 lbs and focused on form more so than anything else… Back does not hurt too bad this time… form is definitely important. Can I do 17 minutes with this 30 lbs on that 40 minute tape like I did the other day with the 15 lbs?… probably not, but I can work on form and slowly build up to that the right way so that I hopefully don’t learn a bad form and injure myself…

Kettle Bells are not my primary workout for now… more of a weekend and add-on workout during the week… However eventually that might become my main workout… just not quite yet.

Since I did some form of exercise today even though most of the rest of the day was fairly restful, I won’t feel so bad about making tomorrow rest/chore day… I probably need another day of rest anyways since I’m still not feeling 100% better since that sickness hit… people say you can’t get sick from the flu shot, but I still think that’s the cause of it.. that and allergies… there have been other sicknesses going around too… who knows, maybe I caught something from someone who was standing in that long line with me to get that blasted flu shot?
ok, back did not hurt during the 20 swings with 30 lbs, but it did a sting a little about half an hour after that… so it’s back to 22.5 lbs… and one more 20 swings tonight… (I think… may work in more but probably not)

Day 30 of the 1000 day challenge

It’s day 30 and the morning cardio session has been completed. Today is the first day I’m going to try to do a workout twice a day. I’m hoping to do this every day. This morning’s sugar was 99 though so hopefully it doesn’t go too low today. I’ll definitely need to keep a close eye on it.

Day 24’s Workout…

Just finished Day 24’s workout… Did Level III-IV Cardio Abs and then tried to do a little bit of medicine ball workout with this little 54 minute video:

I only made it to 6:25 on the medicine ball workout since my back/abs are exhausted from the cardio abs tape. I really like this adding either kettle bell or medicine ball workout after the evening workouts like I’ve done the last couple of days, so might continue with it after I after I start doing the 2 a day workouts again, assuming I will have enough energy to do that… I think the kettle bell may actually be easier to handle than the medicine ball since it has a handle I can grip. Medicine ball tends to slip a little if it gets sweat on it since it’s made of plastic.

day 22 – half rest

The bungees last night gave me a pretty hard workout, and then after last night’s workout I went ahead and did several medicine ball exercises. I love that thing. It’s so much like a little toy, but it’s heavy enough you get a workout with it.

We were up pretty late last night, and my back is a little sore today

so.. today is a half rest day and I slept in. I will do a workout tonight though. I think I need this morning as a rest to allow muscles time to repair/heal…

also, I think I might do half rest days the next few days til day 30 since after that I’m going to definite two a days as much as possible on the workouts… don’t want to burn out, so figure I’d better allow myself this little reprieve for the next few days so I don’t regret not giving myself this little rest before starting it up hard on day 30 with two a days every day… I am human.

18th morning of the 1000 day challenge…

I decided to go light on the exercise a little this morning since my upper back/neck was still hurting a little from the Ghetto Bell and Circuit last night, so went with this little cardio workout from exercise tv… It’s a little dance-ish in places, but is more of a walking tape than anything.

16th evening of the 1000 day challenge…

Tonight’s evening workout has been completed! 🙂 I just got through the the Level III-IV Power 90 Cardio/Abs video. The abs were definitely tough but I got through all 20 of every exercise somehow! I used a camping mat that I bought a few years back as a yoga mat and I think that helped a little but it’s sort of made out of foam, so my back was constantly sticking to it with suction cup tightness… might need to get a real yoga mat someday. I think I will use this mat a lot more in the future since I think part of my past leg and knee problems earlier in this 1000 day challenge was due to knees on our floor.. we have carpet on the floor but it’s a concrete floor in a basement so it can’t be that great on the knees and back.

Day 9 Evening workout…

Tonight being the 9th evening of the 1000 day challenge, I pushed harder than I have up til now…

This morning – took concrete block out and put it in the trunk of the car…

At work, walked quite a ways to the car since I parked at the top of the hill on the back lot again today. On the way down the hill, used lunch box to do curls and shoulder flys… I’m actually making that a bit of a habbit these days… doing them on the walk down the hill in to the building and then down the long hall to my end of the building. I also do shoulder flys when I have lunch box going up and down the stairs at lunch to the cafeteria… about 5 shoulder flys on each of the 2 sections of the steps, switching arms in the middle. I then do about 5 or so curls on each arm doing that as I walk from bottom step to my cubicle in the cube cell hell down there (imagine the movie Office Space – I’m already in the basement, lol.. not quite as bad as the movie, but some times it feels like it..)…

After work, walked up to cafeteria and out the side doors next to the cafeteria that opens out to patio… (sometimes this is locked, but not when whether is ok)… from there, walked down the path that the boy scouts built there a couple of years ago. Something that many don’t realize that never explore back there… there’s gym equipment back there.. two inclined benches with bars to put your legs to do incline sit ups, and a shoulder fly machine that uses your own weight as the weight you are lifting… so I did about 10 situps, a few lifts with lunch box next to the bench and then did about 30 or so shoulder flys on the machine… then around the corner and up that massive hill… all the way around building all the way around perimeter of the parking lot did a walk. Finally near the end I got to the hill and climbed it, doing a few more curls, and shoulder flys..

Got to the car and decided that since I had this brick I may as well use it. Put on my webbed work gloves and away I went…

Walked the brick and two pry bars over to the little grove of trees close to where I park. I like this area since it’s about 10 feet wide and surrounded by trees on all sides except on two that face where I park and where the road is… it’s sort of a spiritual little place of sorts.. Not so much in to eastern philosophy yet, but have played lots of rpgs back in the day like Ninjas and Superspies and Heroes Unlimited from Palladium… my wife might teach me some about chi and stuff like that since she’s learning massage therapy, etc. Anyways.. this little grove seems to be high in positive yang chi energy, or whatever if you want to think about it that way… if not, it’s just a nice little place for me to workout… good fung shui or whatever… I love the 5 o clock shadows when I am up there since I’m facing away from the sun and my shadow is following me through this workout… feel like I’m watching some sort of martial arts movie or something…

so… anyways, did several moves with this huge prybar… a few curls… a few overhead holds with both hands, one hand and then the other, a few swings now and then like a sword jab, a few swings around to increase the weight with centerfugal force…a few other moves… then arms were burning since that big pry bar is so heavy so switched to the small bar and did a few of the same moves with it… probably did about 15 reps on each little move… then… when I was really feeling arms starting to get sore… went ahead and went for the killer… grabbed the concrete block tried to do a few moves similar to what I’ve read are typical moves that some folks are doing with kettel bells… swing from between legs with both hand up to overhead. I have no idea how much that brick weighs but it’s not light… Did a handful of those… and then a few curls with the brick…

finally sat down on the brick and just relaxed a little while before hauling it all back to the trunk..

went home… and then did the Power 90 I-II circuit with the 8.8 lb dumbbells (two 4.4 lb weights on each bar).. Did all the moves with as many reps as I could… 15 on most of them, 12 on a few of the push ups where Tony moves on to the next thing before I can move on… Since I took the padding off of the bar that normally went to do leg lefts on bottom of the bench press at mom and dad’s house, I figured why not use it, so used it to balance myself on the stool I use to do the dips… that helped a lot since that stool is not really as wide as my hips so it’s hard for me to grasp otherwise… I might have to eventually tape that bar there so that there’s no chance it’ll slip and hurt me when I doing dips… but for now, will probably leave it loose so I can use it to practice some of the shovel glove moves so that I can get them down for the next time I get out the ol pry bar after work. Don’t want to put the real pry bar in the house since it’ll break something if I start swinging it around in here… the smaller bar from the leg lifts off of the weight bench should do ok for just helping me learn those moves… I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow… but I’m feeling great!

Day 7 of the 1000 day challenge

It’s day 7 and the workout for today is done! 🙂

I did the I-II Circuit. I upped the weight a little today. Over the weekend I finally found a way to get the little dumbbells to work since I couldn’t use them up til now due to no sleeve on the middle (these are ancient weights from way back when I was in high school, so not all of the parts are there, lol)… Took the foam sleeve off of the leg bar that used to go on the bottom of the bench press for leg lifts and cut it in half, using half for each little bar. Works perfectly on the little weights! Surprised I didn’t think about this up til now… I used 4.8 lb weights on there, so 9.6 lbs on each arm + weight of bar itself, probably makes it close to 10 lbs each. Amazing how much better real dumbbells with bars work than just lifting a 10 lb weight by itself with my middle finger or index finger going through the hole in the middle. This was tough. First time I’ve done this type of workout with ‘real’ bars like this and did it with more than 5 lb weights. I felt the burn. I did end up using the little open handed 5 lb weights on the shoulder fly, but all the other exercises today were using the bars. I’m thinking about possibly doing a workout tape tonight, but we’ll see. If I do, I’m thinking about possibly trying a Fit for Duty podcast or something similar. I’m not sure if my arms are going to be ready for that or not. Will just have to try it and see where I am pain-wise.

day 5 of the 1000 day challenge …

Well, it’s day 5 of the 1000 day challenge. I’ve decided to make today a ‘rest day.’ I’ll also probably consider this an S day of the No S diet, so will give myself a little slack. I was originally going to make Sundays be the S day, but Saturday seems more logical since it’s the day after a long work week.

Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge

Day 3 of the 1000 Day Challenge is now knocked out. Worked out this morning! Feeling great. I actually have both nostrils today, and neither is draining a ton like yesterday. Yesterday I felt horrible most of the day from the time I got up til I went to bed. I am hoping that whatever it was that got me yesterday does not come back to haunt me today.

I added a few more quotes to the Diet Quotes post from a few days back. I will probably add more over time there as I come across more stuff in various places on the internet or in quote books, etc.

I added tumeric to my regular ham sandwich today. I think doing that daily might help with some pain issues a little since that is suppossed to help reduce inflamation.

I’ve started wearing some jewelry my wife gave me a few years back on occassion more. It kind of goes with helping me explain to myself why I’m doing this 1000 day challenge – in order to live longer and have a happy, long life with her… and it also is sort of a little bit of en ego booster of types since it does help accentuate my looks a bit. Wearing a necklace now that she made by hand and also sometimes will wear the pocket watch that she had engraved… I got to be careful with that though since if it’s in my pocket I don’t want it to get smashed by steering wheel as I’m getting in and out of the car, etc. My leg comes close to the wheel sometimes when getting in and out of the car.

Pain is a temporary thing… that’s related to one of the diet quotes… lactic acid build up is what real after workout pain is… and if you keep on pushing through it it goes away. I think that’s part of the reason I feel so great this morning. Worked out and feel fantastic. Hoping this keeps up after every workout. I’m still doing the I-II tapes with Power 90 right now, but might move up to III-IV next week or the week after that. I think part of my problem with last time I moved up to III-IV is that I didn’t have full mastery of the I-II cardio abs. Cardio was no problem, but that ab ripper 200 was probably too much… This time I plan to ease in to it more so that I don’t burn out. Starting out the Level I-II tapes are fine. Eventually, when I do plan to move up to III-IV I might try doing 15 reps on ab ripper 200 for a week before moving up to the full 20 reps… I-II is only 10 reps for each of the ab ripper 100 moves, so 15 before the 20 seems like it might be a logical maneuver.

Day 1 of the 1000 Day Challenge is done!

The morning workout for today has been completed. I went back down to the Level I-II Power 90 tape. These taking it easy days the last few days have made me very weak. I was struggling to just get through this tape. I was sweating like crazy and not having been getting up this early, really kind of just wanted to give up and go back to bed, but I did not, and will not give in to that sort of nagging negative thought. I got through this and will continue. Only 999 days more to go to get to the end of this challenge! 🙂 😉

I have a 48 oz glass of water that I squeezed some fresh lemon in to. Refilled the water on it a little after the workout since workout killed off half of it. Now I’m in the process of eating a bowl of cereal with two teaspoons of flaxseed. I also had 3 thinly sliced pieces of ham so that I have some protein this morning. I’m still not loving the taste of the flaxseed, but it’s tolerable. I don’t know if I should keep up with that since I’m adding the ham as the fiber may counteract the protein.. the purpose of the protein is to keep the carbs in the body a little longer and use that to hold the carb’s energy til the body really needs it since otherwise the body will ‘eat itself’ sort of and drain protein from the muscles of the body in order to mix with the carbs to make the energy needed. That fiber in the flax seed may counteract the meat somewhat? Not sure on that since I’m not a dietitian. If you are, maybe you can help answer that question in the comments?…

I will try to do the No S diet but am not focusing on it or tracking it yet… that will happen in the second or third month. Probably third since I want to focus on morning workouts in first month, adding evening workouts to the morning workouts the second month, and then do the no S as ‘the main goal’ for the third of the 30 day challenges… snowballing it all so keeping up with the exercise as I focus on that. I will hopefully have the no S diet as an automatic daily habit by then since I’m sort of trying it out now, but if I fail before the third month it won’t be a biggie since goal here is to work and focus on one area at a time so I don’t overburden myself, which could lead to failure, negative thoughts and then showball the failures, which would be a bad thing, a very bad thing. I’ve let that happen way too often in the past — no more!