The portfolio site…

The portfolio site is not complete yet, but it is slowly coming together. I’m sort of doing a combination of revising and adding new content to this blog while working on the site so some of the links over there may very well not work as they should, etc. That’s because I don’t have the full content on the site live yet, or even created locally in some cases. However, over the next few months (or possibly even years?) I’ll be adding more and editing more both here on this blog and at the site… I plan to get it all put together strategically and working well cohesively as my next ‘big project’ that I’m working on an hour or three every day as I find the free time to work on it.

In the not-too-distant future that free time will start going down a bit as our new baby is on the way. However, I’m sure that I’ll still have some time for this ‘hobby’ to finally come together the way that I’m wanting it to. It’s been something that’s sort of been on the backburner since 1999 that I always wanted to do, but never took the full time to actually do til now, at least not as completely as I plan to do this thing… The artfolio part of the new site is the part that is most put together thus far, and only a few pages of the oil painting is really up so far… That is at

Most of the other sections are not up yet…

The ‘old’ portfolio site at is still up and running for the here and now… but over time it’ll be phased out and replaced with the new site… It’s just going to take some time, and I don’t want to completely delete the old one all the way until the new one is at least fully working.

I plan ultimately to have a cross link from every blog post with the artwork to the page on the site with the artwork, and use the blog to sort of have an ongoing commentary about each work of art on the site that is probably a bit more lengthy and more of a dialogue than really needs to be on the ‘official’ site… but is still related, so there will be the cross linking to make it all easily accessible…

As time goes by, I’ll probably edit the blog heavily on past posts so that stuff that is really ‘portfolio’ quality is all that’s in the portfolio category, etc.

As I do this, I’m also starting to keep a spreadsheet of all the links, titles, copyright dates, etc. of everything much more complete and in depth than I ever have before. I may publish some portions of that spreadsheet in the future so that it’ll help any viewers or collectors out there find things just as it’ll eventually help myself find things as sometimes finding stuff you are looking for in a blog is not the easiest thing in the world to do… As I create new works of art in the future, they will get added to this ongoing project… so it’s really sort of just establishing a groundwork to eventually build my art career from at a level that I haven’t taken the time to do yet for a variety of reasons.

Remember, the ‘artfolio’ is more about all of my artwork, including works in progress, works never completed etc. as well as more thoroughly completed works that I’d consider ‘portfolio’ quality. The ‘portfolio’ is just that – completed ‘portfolio’ quality works, i.e. top notch stuff, at least in my opinion. To get to the ‘artfolio’ portion of the blog you can use the artfolio category tag, and to get to the portfolio part of the blog you can use the portfolio category tag.

Happy viewing! 🙂


Portfolio Site sneak peak

Working on redesigning the portfolio site

Above image is a sneak peak of what I’ve got so far… Basically just a rehaul of the nav bars so far. Also, there’s that nice little transparent gif with my name on it that I created many, many years ago as a jpg file but never took the time to make in to a gif til this weekend.

Slowly working more stuff in content wise too.

I originally created this blog to sort of be a place holder to help me sort things out on designing something like this site and find the ‘best of the best’ artwork, etc. However, I’ve decided I’m probably going to put most of the stuff that’s in this blog over there and then some more too for a few reasons… First, lets me have unlimited free space… I know, I know, I should be picky, and I will be for the main pages… but I’ll have some back pages that lead to archives with other stuff that’s not official ‘portfolio quality’, etc. Designing the page is going to take a while since I’m having to sort of relearn some old html and javascript tricks as well as teach myself new stuff. Back when I originally learned html, HTML4 was new and so was css and javascript… Nowadays I need to learn bits of HTML5 and some of the newer stuff about css.

Back then when I originally had a site on crosswinds the ad free cwahi didn’t really exist yet… I’m hoping this free site place can hold my spot til I can figure out exactly how much bandwidth, space, etc. I really will need/use for the mega site I’m wanting to build before I start looking in to getting a real paid monthly fee domain name and all of that… I started this type of stuff way back in 2002, but stopped after the complexity of it was too much for me back then and life went on. Now it’s back to figuring it all out, getting good design, and ideas together, and doing all of that again, but better than ever. Goal is to try to get this new design ‘live’ by end of this year or next year… building it all locally FIRST before going live online… Actually learning a thing or three about running servers as I go along, etc. Lots of big plans and lots to learn.

I’ll probably aim for about 10-20 main portfolio type works as max on each section… then lead in to the archives further in… The art for sale link will be a listing with an iframe that has a massive list of my works all over the internet. I probably will rebrand/redo some of what is already out there so it makes more sense and is more logically something someone would want to buy instead of a lot of stuff randomly put together like that cafepress cd that’s been online for years, etc.

Fun’s just starting. Much more to come!

Self Portait © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Self Portait © 2011 Jeff Thomann
Self Portait © 2011 Jeff Thomann

This was created using an old car rearview mirror so I could only see half of the face without shifting location so it was a bit of a challenge. As you can probably tell, I was focusing primarily on the lower nose/chin/neck area more than the rest of the face.

It took me 29 minutes overall, and time flew by because I was so intently focused. Getting good greyscale gradation levels with a small drawing surface like a ball point pen is challenging, especially when on a timeline like I was with this. I did complete it in under a half hour though.

I can see some improvements already in the self portrait drawing skill vs the last self portrait like this I did. I use self portraits as sort of a checkup on my skills since the human face is a good indicator of art skills on a lot of levels. Drawing faces with glasses on is always a bit of a challenge too since it changes the lighting a lot and gives areas that need new details.

I did the glasses on though because I’m working on a color pencil drawing in the mornings that has Tekla with glasses on, and I wanted to study a little in these ballpoint pen drawings how the glasses affect the light and shadow on the face so I can do better in that and future drawings with glasses. The color pencil drawings are very tricky since I’m using a lot of different colors, layering techniques, and a lot of erasing and actual burnishing techniques – actually in some areas on those I’m using real print making etching tools to do scratcherboard type techniques in limited areas since I’m using gessoed hardboard. That is definitely something I would not be able to do if I was using paper for the color pencils. The color pencils are almost like mini-oil paintings. Now it’s after 6 Am so I better start on the color pencil as the time allocated to it is before 6:30 AM, lol.

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

Horse Head © 2011 Jeff Thomann

This is a horse head I created in Lightwave tonight as a part of the speed model challenge over at It took about one hour and 45 minutes to create the 3d model. I may go back and add some hair to it in saslite eventually.