Roku Channel Names and various Podcast urls

new links: – VERY NICE LINK. This allows you to put any valid rss video feed as a favorite in your nowhere tv channel on the roku!!!… If you need a list of feeds, I’d like to suggest you try the podcast category pack on playonplugins forum as one place to start – some of the links are old, but many still are valid and work and not all of them are outdated….

================= – nice list of links.

This one looks like it might be not-too-legal, so uh, well, I take no responsibilities for your actions.

New addition: – Roku Code: SCORETV
best online live channel list
best channel list online:
Flickstream has added a new way to make channels so I’m testing.  You just need a podcast url… so I’m going to try uploading some podcasts from the playon community.  Did this a few months back with noknok too but that got to be a hassle, especially since it used the computer  as a middle man sometimes, etc.

Details on how to do this are at

Channels I’m making/testing/etc.  NO, I DON’T OWN THE COPYRIGHTS, WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE NOT PUBLIC CHANNELS… JUST TEST CHANNELS/PRIVATE CHANNELS.. i.e. a way to watch the podcast that you would normally watch elsewhere on the roku…

Vanity Codes:




I might add more later… but these are really slow loading, so probably not.



———————- – nice list over there at Catastrophe Girl’s page too!==================LISTS:=========

a few other lists:
Private Channel | code: 1080p

Private Channel | code: 5iktv

Private Channel | code: abcau

Private Channel | code: ALJZ

Private Channel | code: Alogic

Private Channel | code: XM7EG

Private Channel | code: brykr

Private Channel | code: NMJS5

Private Channel | code: BBCN

Private Channel | code: CBCPOD

Private Channel | code: tvmia

Private Channel | code: channel9

Private Channel | code: charlierose

Private Channel | code: RBFA1

Private Channel | code: CNNI

Private Channel | code: SNKQW

Private Channel | code: drikintv

Private Channel | code: 03VG9

Private Channel | code: Emunah

Private Channel | code: IU1VY

Private Channel | code: funsaver

Private Channel | code: GMAP

Private Channel | code: NXFBW

Private Channel | code: hawkcam

Private Channel | code: HOLANY

Private Channel | code: HSN

Private Channel | code: 9OFQX

Private Channel | code: humanvid

Private Channel | code: HUNGRY

Private Channel | code: iggydev

Private Channel | code: FILMY

Private Channel | code: iptvmyway

Private Channel | code: ITPC

Private Channel | code: juice
Private Channel | code: justintv

Private Channel | code: kelby

Private Channel | code: KevinGongChess

Private Channel | code: KevinGongHiking
Private Channel | code: KosherMetalRoku
Private Channel | code: libertate

Private Channel | code: Q4DSY

Private Channel | code: LINKTV

Private Channel | code: F8RG7

Private Channel | code: cbuxf

Private Channel | code: mapquest

Private Channel | code: mlgunoff

Private Channel | code: moviesplash

Private Channel | code: livetvnow

Private Channel | code: ANB9G
Private Channel | code: MyChannels

Private Channel | code: mymedia

Private Channel | code: myrtlebeachvideo
Private Channel | code: YWWMH

Private Channel | code: mytimes

Private Channel | code: ENDLESSNASA
Private Channel | code: NextPVR

Private Channel | code: NHK

Private Channel | code: NokNokDLNA
Private Channel | code: NokNokDLiteBeta

Private Channel | code: GIN8E
Private Channel | code: H9DWC

Private Channel | code: K49NL
Private Channel | code: ONN
Private Channel | code: pbs
Private Channel | code: tpc

Private Channel | code: 9MQBZ
Private Channel | code: MYPLAYON

Private Channel | code: PLEX

Private Channel | code: PlexGrid
Private Channel | code: ENGBH
Private Channel | code: 2NFMX

Private Channel | code: REDBULLTV

Private Channel | code: retrovision
Private Channel | code: P1KWQ

Private Channel | code: roqbot
Private Channel | code: RTAMERICA

Private Channel | code: RTNEWS
Private Channel | code: HWA3K8

Private Channel | code: simpleaudioplayer

Private Channel | code: IFUIN

Private Channel | code: SkitterTV

Private Channel | code: SCROKUBW

Private Channel | code: speedtest

Private Channel | code: RD7UQE

Private Channel | code: 4TYU6C

Private Channel | code: FISH

Private Channel | code: 9RRFU
Private Channel | code: tvs
Private Channel | code: F3SIG
Private Channel | code: MGSVYY

Private Channel | code: tcn
Private Channel | code: QNQRW
Private Channel | code: 71B0Y

Private Channel | code: TNP

Private Channel | code: sjdvsw

Private Channel | code: ThisIsMyNext

Private Channel | code: tikilive

Private Channel | code: tvteka

Private Channel | code: V8MRS

Private Channel | code: UCTV

Private Channel | code: utn

Private Channel | code: KGULU

Private Channel | code: IN4DN

Private Channel | code: USTVNOW

Private Channel | code: verbosity

Private Channel | code: VNXPM

Private Channel | code: viddler

Private Channel | code: MUQXX

Private Channel | code: watchsuntv

Private Channel | code: radar

Private Channel | code: WhiskeyBeta

Private Channel | code: WineUpTV

Private Channel | code: JGMPD

Prive Channel : Woot!

Private Channel | code: bppim

BadPuppy Adult gay XXX private pay channel bptv69 BadPuppy
EroticVision.TV Adult XXX private pay channel IBRYL EroticVision.TV
Nowhere Porn Adult XXX private free channel 32ZUX TheNowhereMan
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Pink TV Adult XXX private pay channel. CJ3Y4 EroticVision.TV
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Hubblecast HD Nasa Hubble News and Video 9OFQX TheNowhereMan
Hungrynation Content from HUNGRY TVDreamer
ITunes Podcasts The iTunes Podcasts channel allows you to browse, search, listen, and watch podcasts from the entire iTunes Podcast library on your Roku Digital Video Player. ITPC TheEndless
Indy Mogul Content from FILMY TVDreamer
Justin.TV Live Video Streaming JustinTV TheEndless
Kelby TV Content from kelby TVDreamer
LDS Video Podcasts LDS videos pulled from and BYU TV podcasts TMLJW jribble
LED Clock Screensaver Time and temperature screensaver. QZB4N RenoJim
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NASA TV Live from NASA ! HIBMX TheNowhereMan
NHK World Japanese News in English NHK
Nowhere Forecaster Displays your local forecast, weather alerts, and live cameras. GIN8E TheNowhereMan
Nowhere TV Features free content from providers like HGTV, Food Network, Smithsonian Channel, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CNN as well as local news content from stations around the country H9DWC TheNowhereMan
Nuod Tayo TV The Filipino Channel for Roku K49NL pin2gtoes
1080p Showcase 1080p videos, and ONLY 1080p videos. 1080p Binary Moustache
ABC Australia ABC.NET.AU ABCAU TVDreamer
AP’s Top News Headlines Screensaver This is a screensaver that displays AP’ top news headlines. BRYKR TheNowhereMan
Al Jazeera ALJZ stratcat96
AnomaliesTV Documentaries and Original Programming from the Anomalies Network. XM7EG Olav
Archive Classic Movies WSW1P Video and Audio from NMJS5 TheNowhereMan
Avalon PC View some of the products available on their website. YW0AS AvalonPC
BBC World News BBCN
BYUtv Live stream of BYUtv and on demand of shows BYUTVBETA BYU University
CBC Canadian Broadcast Centre CBCPOD TVDreamer
CNN Watch news stories from CNN. RBFA1 TheNowhereMan
CNN International CNNI
Channel9 Microsoft Channel 9 channel9 TVDreamer
Christian Video Pix Christian/Gospel music videos. DKHAU rsromeo
Country Network, The Country Videos, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week tcn TCN
Democracy Now A channel that streams videos from Democracy Now DemocracyNow ioan
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50 Places To See Before You Die Free
50 Speeches You Must See Free
ABC Australia Private ABCAU TVDreamer
Accent Radio Network Free Imobile QE Inc.
Aerocinema Free
AFL Australian Footbal League Premium
Aim Flicks Free
Aljazeera Private EA7NG
aljazeera Free justintv
AlloyTV Free
Amazon Premium Amazon
Amazon Shop by ENGO LLC Free
Ameba Free
anmie Free
AnomaliesTV Private XM7EG Olav
Antena Latina 7 Free
Archive Classic Movies Private WSW1P Private NMJS5 TheNowhereMan
asianet Free
B8VVK Free
B8VVK Free
Badpuppy Private bptv69 Badpuppy Enterprises
BBC Private BBCN
BeautyTV Free
BigStar.Tv Free BIGSTAR.TV
Blastro Free Blastro Free home Free Free
Blubrry Free Rawvoice, Inc
BoMTV Channel Free Free
BYUtv Private BYUTVBETA BYU University
CBC Private CBCPOD TVDreamer
CCM Free
CDNTwo Free
Chaneru Private SHZFF
Channel 9 Private channel9 TVDreamer
ChannelLive.TV Premium
Charlie Rose Free charlierose Dylan Doxey
Christian Video Pix Free rsromeo
clcradio Free
CLOC (screensaver) Free
cnbc Free
CNN Private RBFA1
Community Bible Church Free
Cowboy Classics Premium Vidpoints
Crackle Free
Crunchyroll Free
Daily Motion Free SNKQW thenowhereman
Databazaar MEdia Ventures Free
DeadPointMag Free
Democracy Now! Pricate DEMOCRACYNOW
Dmedia IPTV Private FUWMW
DreamTV Free DreamTV
Drive-In Classics Premium Vidpoints
Dynno Free Dynno Inc
Earth-Touch Free
Earth-Touch HD Private 03VG9
ET Private 1234567890 ET
eu live Free
Eulive Free
EZTakes Premium
Facebook Photos Free Facebook Photos
FilmFun5 – Trivia Free
Filmon Private FilmOn TheEndless
flickr Free flickr
FlickStream TV Private WVS3B
FlixFling Free
Flixster Free
Food Network Nighttime Private FNNIGHT TheEndless
framechannel Free framechannel
France 24 Private G54GC 24 Hour News
Frightology Free
Funny or Die Free IU1VY The NowhereMan
FunSaver (screensaver) Free
G54GC Private France 24
Gabby Free
GandK KidPaint Free
GBTV Premium
god tv Free
GoFightLive Free
GolTV Free
Google Maps Private GMAP RokuMarkn
Google Maps Private GMAP RokuMarkn
Google Voice Private NXFBW TheNowhereMan
Heading Outdoors Free
HGTV Free HGTV theendless
hgtv Free
HogoWorm Premium
HSN Free HSN TheEndless
Hubblecast HD Private 9OFQX TheNowhereMan
hulu Free
Hungry Nation Private HUNGRY TVDreamer
IMAX Premium
Indy Mogul Private FILMY TVDreamer
Instant Watch Channel Lite Private J8XB5
iTunes Podcasts Free ITPC TheEndless
Jewelry Television Free
Jupiter Broadcasting Free ARB6K
JustinTV Free
Kelby TV Free KELBY TVDreamer
Kevin Gong Chess Free KevinGongChess Kevin Gong
Kevin Gong Hiking Free KevinGongHiking Kevin Gong
Khan Academy Free
Kidlet Free SyncTV
Kung-Fu Theater Premium Vidpoints
Last.FM Private X0MCZ George Mandres
LBC Premium
LDS Video Podcasts Private TMLJW jribble
Liberty News Radio Free Imobile QE Inc.
LinkTV Private LinkTV
MainSqueeze Free
Major League Soccer Free
Media Fusion Free
Mediafly Free Mediafly
Mediafly Gaming Free
MediaFly Music Free
Mediafly Sports Free
megavideo Private
MHz Networks On Demand Premium MHz Networks On Demand
Midwest Cage Championship Premium Vidpoints Premium
Mormon Channel Private byurocks LDS Church
Motionbox Free Motionbox
Movie Splash Private moviesplash TVDreamer
Movie Vault Premium
MP3Tunes Free
MRC TV Free MRCTV MyRokuChannel.Com
msnbc Free
Mummy Box Free livetvnow TVDreamer
Nasa TV Private HIBMX Solve LLC
NBA Game Time Free NBA Digital
Netflix Premium Netflix
NFL Stats 2010 Free
NHL Gamecenter Premium
Northland Church Free
Nowhere Forecaster Private GIN8E TheNowhereMan
Nowhere Porn Private 32ZUX The Nowhereman
Nowhere TV/Pod TV Private H9DWC TheNowhereMan
NTA Free
Nuclear Blast Free Nuclear Blast Records
Oak Hills Church Free
Pandora Free Pandora
PBS Free PBS TVDreamer
Picasa Web Private NEJXJ hoffmcs
Pink Label Private pinklabel TVDreamer
Pink TV Private CJ3Y4 EroticVision.TV
PlayOn Private MYPLAYON N/A
Plex Free PLEX
Positive Peak Radio and TV Private MNYVP
PressTV Private ASV5R
ProMed Network Free
ProudTV – Gay and Lesbian programming Free
Pub-D-Hub Private ZFJB5 rsromeo
QVC Free TheEndless
qvc Free the endless
Racefans TV Free
Radio Paradise Channel Free Jim Truscello Private ENGBH
RadioTime Free TheNowhereMan
RateRix Free
Re/Max Private G8VAR Re/Max
Red Bull Sports Free REDBULLTV timber03
Reliable IPTV Free
Revision3 Free Revision3
roConnect Premium 7ZFQJ Saul Howard
Rohin Private RISHAB Noone
Roksbox Private P1KWQ WilDD
Roku Holiday Spotlight Free
Roku Newscaster Free NA
Roxwel Free
RT America Private RTAMERICA
Russia TV Private VXRTU
Russian Channels / Live Private TVTEKA
Russian Channels / Live Private TVTEKA
sarnav Private sarnav Sarath
Septic Radio Free HWA3K8 Septic Radio Free
SHOUTcast Internet Radio Free
silver bird Free
Simple Weather Private IFUIN peej
Sirius xm Internet Radio Private
Sirius|XM Internet Radio Free
SmugMug Free SmugMug
snagfilms Free YTIYX
SocialKast Free
Soma FM Free
Soundcloud Connect Free
Soundcloud LITE Private SCROKUBW jbrave
Spacevidcast Free
Speed Racer Premium
SportSkool Premium
SportSkool Fitness Premium
Star Trek Channel Free startrek Channel Premium HWTIC SCM
StuffWeLike Free Island Dreamer Enterprises Free
SubsonicTV Private Musiclouds
sun tv Free
Sunimi Free Sunimi
TackleBox Private FISH TVDreamer
tagesschau Private K8BVY Henning Saul
Tamil IPTV Free
Tech Podcasts Free Raw Voice, Inc
TED Talks Private LORYR
tele fe Free
Teletica Canal 7 Costa Rica Free 9RRFU Free
TERRA Nature of our World Private F3SIG
The Filipino Channel Premium
The Green Princess Private MZYSU
The Highway Girl Free The Highway Girl
The Onion News Network Free ONN TheEndless
The POd Free
The Sons of the Law of One Free
TheGymBox Free
This is my next Private ThisIsMyNext Binary Moustache
This is my next Private ThisIsMyNext Binary Moustache
TikiLive TV Private tikilive
Trigger Talk TV Free
Trutv Free
TV.Com Private TVCOM TheEndless Free TVCOM THE ENDLESS – Russian Live / Timeshift Private tvteka tvteka
Twit Free Twit
Twitter Free V8MRS
UFC Premium A Different Engine
Universities of California TV Private UCTV TVDreamer
Universities of California TV Private UCTV TVDreamer
USB Media Browser Private KGULU TheNowhereMan
Ustream Private IN4DN Nowhereman
Vajra Buddhist TV Free
veetle Free myveetle
viaamerica Free
VibesWorkshop Free TPVIBES Software
Viddler Private Viddler Binary Moustache
Video Poker Free
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VXTV Premium
Warriors of War Free
Weather Radar Free radar renojim
Weather Radar Free
Weather Underground Free
Weider TV Free
Weiss Money Network Free Weiss Research, INC
Whiskey Media Free Binary Moustache
Willow TV Free
WineUpTV Free WineUpTV DevDave
Woot Private BPPIM TheNowhereMan Free
Yallwire Free
YB Games Free
Youtube Private B8VVK TheNowhereMan
YUi Theater Free yui Jason Brome
Yupptv Premium
yupptv Free
ZeeTV Free
Zinemaya Premium Zinemaya Inc
Channel Code Genre Developer
1080p Showcase 1080p Videos Binary Moustache
ABC.NET Australia ABCAU Videos TVDreamer
Al Jazeera English ALJZ Live SolveLLC
Anomalies TV XM7EG Videos NMJS5 Videos TheNowhereMan
Archive Classic Movies WSW1P Videos
Associated Press Headlines (Screensaver) BRYKR Screensaver TheNowhereMan
BBC World News BBCN Live
BYU TV BYUTVBETA Videos BYU University
Canadian Broadcast Center CBC Videos TVDreamer
Channel9 (Microsoft) CHANNEL9 Videos TVDreamer
Christian Video Pix DKHAU Videos rsromeo
CNN International CNNI Live
Costa Rica’s Channel 7 9RRFU Videos
Democracy Now! DEMOCRACYNOW News ioan
Earth-Touch HD 03VG9 Videos
FilmOn FILMON Live TheEndless
Funny or Die IU1VY Videos TheNowhereMan
Gabby Beta Media Server GABBYBETA Media
Google Voice NXFBW Misc. TheNowhereMan
HGTV HGTV Videos TheEndless
Home Shopping Network HSN Shopping TheEndless
HubbleCast HD 9OFQX Live TheNowhereMan HUNGRY Videos TVDreamer
Indy Mogul ( FILMY Videos TVDreamer
iTunes Podcasts ITPC Podcasts TheEndless
Justin.TV JUSTINTV Live TheEndless
Kelby TV ( KELBY Videos TVDreamer
LED Clock Screensaver (and Temperature) QZB4N Screensaver RenoJim
LinkTV LINKTV News ioan
Mummy Box (Live TV Streams) LIVETVNOW Live TVDreamer
NASA TV HIBMX Videos TheNowhereMan
NHK World (Japanese news in English) NHK News
Nowhere Forecaster GIN8E Weather
NowhereTV (PodTV) H9DWC Podcasts TheNowhereMan
Nuod Tayo (Filipino) K49NL Movies
Onion News Network ONN News TheEndless
PBS PBS Videos TVDreamer
Phoenix Traffic Cams 9MQBZ Live TheNowhereMan
PlayOn Media Server MYPLAYON Media ENGBH Audio TheNowhereMan
RE/MAX University G8VAR Videos
Roksbox Network Streaming P1KWQ Media
Russia TV News English RTNEWS Live
SCMDL (beta) CAFEH Unknown
Simple Weather IFUIN Weather
SoundCloud Connect B&W version SCROKUBW Audio
tagesschau (German) TAGESSCHAU News Henning Saul
TED Talks LORYR Videos
Teletica VOD 9RRFU Videos
Television Shopping TVS Shopping TheEndless
TERRA Nature of our world F3SIG Videos
The Internet Archive 71B0Y Videos
This is my next ( V8MRS Videos TheNowhereMan
Twitter Screen Saver V8MRS ScreenSaver
Universities of CA TV UCTV Videos TVDreamer
USB Media Browser KGULU Media TheNowhereMan
UStream IN4DN Live TheNowhereMan USTVNOW Live
Viddler VIDDLER Videos Binary Moustache
Weather Radar RADAR Weather
WineUpTV WINEUPTV Videos DevDave
Woot! BPPIM Videos TheNowhereMan
1 1080p Showcase Private 1080p Binary Moustache 1080p videos, and ONLY 1080p videos. 1/29/2011
2 32ZUX Free 32ZUX
3 50 Places To See Before You Die Free How many of these have you seen?
4 50 Places To See Before You Die Free
5 50 Speeches You Must See Free 50 significant speeches since world war I
6 Private 5iktv live tv channels from Taiwan and china. 2011.7.16
7 ABC Australia Private ABCAU TVDreamer Episodes and video podcasts from 4/25/2011
8 Accent Radio Network Free Imobile QE Inc.
10 Aerocinema Free
11 afghan channels Free
12 AFL Australian Footbal League Premium Free/premium content – Australian Football
The Toyota Australian Football League Premiership has returned to MHz Networks for the 2010 season. AFL matches and match highlights are available on demand (PPV) or by subscription one week after they play. Classic matches are free.
13 Aim Flicks Free
14 Aljazeera Private EA7NG 24 hour news
15 AlloyTV Free
16 Amateurlogic.TV Free Alogic Peter Berrett Vidcast about Amateur Radio and Technology made by Amateur Radio Operators in Mississippi and Victoria, Australia. Over 32 episodes available. 8/15/2011
17 Amazon Premium Amazon
18 amazon Free
19 amazon Premium
20 Amazon Shop by ENGO LLC Free Shop the entire Amazon catalog!
21 Ameba Free
22 anime Free
23 anmie Free
24 AnomaliesTV Private XM7EG Olav – Documentaries and Original Programming from the Anomalies Network.
25 Antena Latina Free Antena Latina is a local television station in the Dominican Republic
26 Antena Latina 7 Free
27 Archive Classic Movies Private WSW1P
28 Private NMJS5 TheNowhereMan The Internet Archive
29 asianet Free
30 AvalonPC Private YW0AS AVALONPC PC Sales with great deal and low prices! 10/23/2010
31 AviaDoor Free N6052U Jose Cardenes Aviation help channel 3/7/2011
32 B8VVK Free
33 B8VVK Private
34 Badpuppy Private bptv69 Badpuppy Enterprises HD and SD Gay Adult XXX Videos streaming from Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA. Complete movies not teasers.This is a preview to the full site offered at where we offer unlimited access to over 600 gay porn videos on your Roku device. 2/28/2011
35 Baeble Music Free baeblemusic Float Left Interactive
36 BBC Private SGWTZ British Broadcasting Channel
37 BBC Private BBCN Update – old code does not work
British Broadcasting Channel
38 bbc Free
39 bbc Free
40 BeautyTV Free
41 BigStar.Tv Free BIGSTAR.TV
42 Bit-Channel Free BCTV IRAN BITPLUS SDN BHD The First Persian Channel In malaysia 5/11/2011
43 Blastro Free Blastro
44 Free 12/2/2011
45 Free hosts and distributes the best original Web shows.
46 home Free Best in home content
47 Free Best in tech content
48 blockbuster Free
49 Blubrry Free Rawvoice, Inc
50 bollywood Free Hinidi movies, zee tv, B4u 11/15/2011
51 BoMTV Channel Free Malayalam Channels
52 bravo Free
53 bravo Free bravo
54 Free The funniest videos and pictures online
55 Bright Star Free Religious Broadcasting
56 BYUtv Private BYUTVBETA BYU University Live stream of BYUtv and archive of shows 4/7/2011
57 canal 5 el lider Private 62690 Jean Carlos entertaiment channel 8/8/2011
58 CartoonNetwork Free
59 CBC Private CBCPOD TVDreamer videos from Canadian Broadcast Centre 4/25/2011
60 CBS Free watch NCIS, CSI: Miami. CSI:New York and CSI LA
61 cbs Free cbs
62 cbs Free
63 CBS Free
64 CCM Free
65 cctv 9 Free
66 CDNTwo Free Educational Videos and Personal Feeds
67 Chaneru Private SHZFF Local Streaming Media Server
68 Channel 9 Private channel9 TVDreamer Microsoft’s Channel 9 4/24/2011
69 ChannelLive.TV Premium TV Content From India
70 Charlie Rose Free charlierose Dylan Doxey Acclaimed interviewer and broadcast journalist Charlie Rose engages America’s best thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business leaders, scientists and other newsmakers in one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions. (Pending authorization from Charlie Rose.) 12/26/2010
71 Christian Video Pix Free rsromeo Christian Music Videos
72 ChurchNow Network TV Private cnconnect CHURCHNOWNETWORK.COM Church Now Network is for every church without exclusion and welcome all to spreading the Word of Jesus Christ. Memberships are affordable to fit every budget. Church Now is not another web site, and has benefits for any congregation size. We are a cutting edge Christian movement which brings churches together.Does your church currently have a website? That’s okay! Your site can be linked to from the network to your church web page for increased visitors to your site· Establish a new member base and reach new audiences· Easily Upload Audio of Sermons, Video of Sermon, and Weekly Messages for your members as well as the world to enjoy versus having to visit your exact URL· Your participation will allow 1,000s of Christians to hear the Word of Christ through your message visitors “search topics” on our site. Submit your audio and visual sermons into categories based upon your message· ‘Search Locations Feature’ to allow Christians in your area searching for a church home find you easily· Online store and donations viewed and utilized by all visitors to your site· Church Now will periodically feature churches with unique membership needs (natural disasters, missions, member needs) for views to support your church needs· Provide an online calendar of events monthly and weekly events and sermon times· Youth Devotion for your younger members· Live Streaming is available

Channels starting at $350.00/Year

73 clcradio Free CLC Radio, a registered CLC Student Life Organization of the College of Lake County, is an entirely non-profit, student-operated Media & On-line Radio station which netcasts 24/7/364 1/29/2011
74 CLOC (screensaver) Free LED tim and weather screen saver
75 cnbc Free
76 CNN Private RBFA1
77 cnn Free
78 cnn Private
79 cnn Private
80 comedy central Free
81 Community Bible Church Free
82 Cowboy Classics Premium Vidpoints http://www.vidpoints
83 Crackle Free
84 Crunchyroll Free
85 Daily Motion Free SNKQW thenowhereman 7/4/2011
86 Databazaar MEdia Ventures Free
87 DEAD SITE Free I can see this site is pretty much dead. Idiots not reading whats already up and posting the same channel over and over again. Or just putting up any random channel. Used to be a good site for information on Roku channels. Now its junk.
88 DeadPointMag Free Climbing and Bouldering videos from
89 Democracy Now! Pricate DEMOCRACYNOW
90 discovery Free
91 discovery Free
92 Dmedia IPTV Private FUWMW Various Foreign Channels
93 DreamTV Free DreamTV DreamTV is a channel where you can find fresh, unique and novel content from around the world.
94 Drive-In Classics Premium Vidpoints
95 Dynno Free Dynno Inc
96 Earth-Touch Free Earth-Touch
97 Earth-Touch HD Private 03VG9
98 Enlace Free Spanish Christian
99 epix Free 812554
100 epix Premium 772872 epix 8.26.11
101 epix Premium 772872
102 espn Free
103 espn Free sports 9/6/2011
104 eu live Free
105 Eulive Free Attention expatriates: EuLive is your ticket home
106 ewtn Free
107 EWTN Free EWTN Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), presents Catholic-themed programming. Offers three different live feeds.
108 EZTakes Premium An eclectic collection of hard-to-find films.
110 Facebook Photos Free Facebook Photos hosts and distributes the best original Web shows.
111 fandango Free
112 FilmFun5 – Trivia Free Trivia
113 Filmon Private FilmOn TheEndless Allows you to stream the lower quality iPhone/iPod live streams from 2/3/2011
114 flickr Free flickr Browse your own photos and public photos on Flickr.
115 FlickStream TV Private WVS3B Live 24/7 Movies and Original Series. Classic and off-beat movies and television programming. 3/2/2011
116 FlixFling Free
117 Flixster Free
118 Food Network Nighttime Private FNNIGHT TheEndless Full episodes from the iPhone app. 1/28/2011
119 fox Free
120 fox Free
121 fox news Free
122 FOX NEWS Free
123 fox news Free
124 framechannel Free framechannel View your photos along with 1000+ channels of content — free!
125 France 24 Private G54GC 24 Hour News
126 freefullmovies Free
127 Free
128 Free 10/23/2011
129 Funny or Die Free IU1VY The NowhereMan
130 FunSaver (screensaver) Free Entertaining Screen Saver for the Whole Family
131 FyreTV Private fyretv The ultimate adult video experience. Watch over 15,000 XXX movies from over 100 studios instantly on your Roku (and computer, tablet, and phone). Try it for free with our exclusive feature “Wealth and Deception” added to your library automatically when you create a free account. Use our unique search to find scenes with the category, star, title, or studio that fits your mood. 9/23/2011
132 G54GC Private France 24
133 Gabby Free Gabby personal media channel
134 GandK KidPaint Free A simple drawing and stamp program for kids
135 GBTV Premium GBTV is Glenn’s new live HD Video Network, featuring his two hour daily program, plus a full slate of original Glenn Beck Programming, news, documentaries, reality and behind-the-scenes shows, and much more. GBTV is Glenn Beck originals that you just can’t get anywhere else. 9/12/2011
136 GBTV Premium
137 GBTV Private
138 gbtv Free
139 glenn beck Free
140 Glenn Beck TV Premium GBTV Glenn Beck, Inc See 8/30/2011
141 god tv Free
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Stream live feed television shows. Various movies, and TV series. – not in an OnDemand format – live streams.
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(Subscription to Last.FM required).
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Episode 1. Jalapeno Poopers: Watch our crew of poop crusaders scarf down some jalapeno’s and engage in some poop filled sex. Jake gets explosive diarrhea on Wendy’s face.Episode 4. Blood, Poop, and Semen: Francis and Jose get together in this amazing episode. Meanwhile, Jennifer gets shit on by a homeless man.Episode 7. Two girls and one cup. You saw them on youTube. Watch them here with Wendy as they take turns letting John poop all over them.Episode 14. A Pattie on a Sesame seed bun: Watch as Patrick serves up his backdoor love goop cheeseburger style for the gang. Yum, grilled poop sandwiches.
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Ok, after several hours of slaving away in Adobe Image Ready, I have produced a version of SoundCloud Connect that is only 200k. Its all in black and white, but if you had trouble installing the public app into your already crowded list of channels, or, if you are color blind, here is the version for you
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This will create additional market for Roku.
Here are some channels:
Rotana Cinema
Niletv –
Abou Dahbi – http://www.adtv.aePlease let me know how we can do that?Thanks heaps
Ten Tan
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GAMES: – this one costs… use crunchyroll to get the free version from many years back. 😉

Free Internet TV – check it out. Looks like it’s got a lot of fta satellite, and it’s all streaming and online now! 🙂 Probably won’t work on roku, but might. Going to mention it on playon and noknok forums to put a buzz in their ear.
Q4DSY – librivox on roku. This is, the public domain audio book site. Now you can listen to the great books on your TV!

============ – nice streaming online list.

================ – nice list of channels on roku
Additional update to the info below, and a question to the community… Is it illegal to discriminate against someone in a work environment based on personality rather than on work quantity/quality, and other measurable factors? During my performance evaluation July 28, 2011, I was told by my former supervisor that I was ‘just not aggressive enough’ against the insurance companies. This is the second or third time I’ve heard something like that in an annual performance evaluation. At least one individual in another department that I applied to a job for a couple of years ago has told me that that sort of thing is illegal…

I was also told something about not sharing enough by anticipating the needs of others in the evaluation– even though my primary job responsibility before the changes was cleaning up the gigantic mess that others created – I had to basically close about 20,000 visits, or more, in a database the last couple of months before the changes because others had ‘failed’ to take action… This was a job assigned by the individual that was giving the performance evaluation, and it was a job that basically was all database driven, and had nothing to do with interacting with others… as have been most of my job duties the last year or so. Actually, it is my opinion that that part of the review may have been a more or less cut and paste from previous years, so I was being judged in an annual performance evaluation based on actions that occurred in years that were prior to the annual performance evaluation that the review was supposed to cover…

In that database job with the 20k + visits I had to close, which I was doing a couple of months prior to all the changes, the reason code/comment used to close the visits was something like “failure to appeal claim in a timely manner” and it was a pull down menu so instead of scrolling forever on each of those visits I usually typed the first few letters to get to that part of the dropdown… Typing the word failure that many times is not good for the soul, as mentioned elsewhere…

In other words, I was not a pushy bitch, brown noser, and did not get in to gossip with the other pushy, gossiping bitches, so did not fit in well in that area. The same can be said of the coworker that ended up being fired because she wanted a lawyer in the room to discuss something with the manager on the day she was fired… and of just about everyone that was working for the department I was working in but no longer am.

Is judging people based on personality traits rather than work performance illegal? If it is, and you are a lawyer, come talk to me sometime. I think there might be potential for a class action lawsuit here!

In past years, folks at the management level had it at their discretion to issue raises based on the annual performance reviews. In other words, if a Department was due for a 3% raise or whatever, the management could divy that out giving one person more of a raise then the others in that area. This year, the human resources department has changed that and taken over that role a bit more, even though many of the questions and topics on the performance evaluations are still very much based on non-measurable personality traits more so than work ethics that are based on actual performance that are measurable… so if a boss had a tendency to like certain people for some personality reason, they could give them a raise based on that alone if they chose to do so… That right there is where the lawyers could potentially sink their teeth in and take a huge bite because the class impacted if there ever was a class action lawsuit would potentially be every employee for the University of Missouri Healthcare system that worked at the place prior to this year!

update to the below info: The Plot Thickens. Apparently the supervisor over the location of my new job (see more info below) left her job on the Wednesday that I started the new job, and now working in the Department that I was forced out of (*perhaps doing the same job that I was doing???*)… The reason that I was given that I was being forced out of that position was because of budget cuts in the Department.

Apparently those cuts were not big enough to keep them from hiring the new person… or more accurately forcing me in to their spot in the same damn department they were coming from, only one level down as an entry level instead of as a supervisor. This is complete and utter bullshit, and the ‘normal’ way political games run around this damn place apparently. I’m thinking about filing a grievance, but think I may be past the timely filing deadline to do that… also I don’t think it’d do any good since the HR department was in on this huge mess, so nothing would be done about it as the grievance would just go up to those that already know the situation, and actually instigated it. The ACFO in charge of this whole mess lives about a block away from my apartment, and is known to regularly swim in the lake near his house… If he drowns at some point out there in the near future, I’ll tell you right now, it won’t be my hand that forced that to happen. I’m above taking silly/stupid actions like that. Death is far too quick of an answer for these types of sins.

Similarly, if there is a bomb ever placed on the premises here, it won’t be my hand that places it there… Causing havoc of that nature is below me (even if the thought may have crossed my mind a time or two) — temporary structural damage and monetary problems of that nature are only temporary answers for this sort of permanant problem that needs an answer… so I blog, and may take other similar actions in the future. I don’t know if I’ll find a lawyer or not to take up this battle because it probably would not be worth it… Charlotte had her day in court, but it didn’t result in any changes… actually I still think these changes are all a direct result of that, which happened only a few months back… I suspect that the powers that be wanted all of this to go down the way that it did as a payback for that…

Any and all who read this – Beware. There is a hell of a lot rotten in Denmark, and even more rotten in Columbia Missouri.

I’ve taken a break from The Artist’s Way and Speed Model Challenges I normally post here for a few days, but will get back in to it shortly.

My life was shaken up when on 6/17/2011 I was told about an hour before the end of the work day that my 40 hour a week job no longer will exist in July. I’m being reassigned to another Department so I can take on another job that they have handed me without asking for any input from me before making these decisions. It’s something that I should have seen coming for a few years now since various employees were being hired on to slowly take on duties that overlapped what mine were about 2 years ago.

It’s not a lot of fun more or less training who will become your replacement, but on some level that’s what I’ve done. It’s pretty sad that this Department has done this sort of thing to both me and at least one other coworker in the last few years. They hire someone new, assign them duties that overlap your existing employee’s duties, and then use that a means to make the old employee get either pushed in to quitting or have a job that is now invalid. It’s a terminally bad and sad alternative to firing people in my opinion.

At least if you fire someone, it’s a big blow up that can get out of everyone’s system real fast instead of dragging on for years, bringing misery to everyone involved in the situation… It puts the employee with the most seniority in to a sticky situation, and frays the nerves of the new employee, the old employee, and the management and coworkers too because everyone’s duties become overlapped and it becomes unclear who really is in charge of what. In short, IT SUCKS! However, I guess it had to be done because they couldn’t find reasons to fire me or the other people involved. It’s one of those situations where bad management hiring good people results in extremely a very bad situation, and the red tape goes round and round.

I’m not 100% sure I’m going to enjoy the new job, and may find myself just quitting with no other job to go to in the near future, so the move to a new duplex we were planning in September so that we don’t have to use our second bedroom as a storage bin is now off.

I’m sad about that because at the new place I was going to have a full garage and basement to convert in to an art studio. We were lucky that the landlord is letting us out of that with a full refund of the deposit even though we signed the contract already.

The new job is bascially the same job I had before I came to the one I’m at now for the next couple of weeks, but many things have changed since I was in that position in 2002, so I’m not sure how comfortable I will be with it. One reason I left that job to come to this one was because I had gotten to a point that I completely hated my job back then. Now, I’m being forced back in to that dreary dungeon… The department that the new job is in is in a cubicle city/prison in the dirty/moldy basement of the same building that I’m located at now (Yes, they’ve found both rats and snakes – both real animals and metaphircally down there in the dungeon in the last few years). Do you remember the Movie, The Office, which later inspired The Office Sitcom. I swear they based the movie (not the sitcom, just the movie) on that place and the people in it. Hopefully things have changed, and it’s better than it was back then, but only time will tell before I know if that’s true or not.

Since the time that this Unit was created, about 2 years before I entered the mix in 2002, until around a year and a half ago, the employee turnover rate has been in excess of 100% in the Unit, and the Hospital has changed which Department’s supervision the unit is under 3 times. Additionally, the Supervisor in charge of the unit has changed 5-6 times in that same time period. The Unit consists of approximately 7 employees at this time, including the current supervisor. That’s a pretty bad track record, so it really does not surprise me that changes like this were in the works.

My few short years of working for this unit has given me enormous insight in to the inner workings of insurances, hospitals, and upper management in those institutions, and it’s not a pretty sight. Managed care is a war zone.

I have witnessed meetings in which the Associate CFO has literally slammed his hand on tables and yelled at coworkers if they disagree with him on numerous issues. I have witnessed meetings in which insurance representatives were verbally and mentally abused. I have witnessed managed care contracts, which affected payment rates for entire networks, being verbally agreed to with no actual paper documents being created and no one other than the individuals that had the authority to authorize the contract being made aware of the agreement until after those papers were created and signed over a year later. I have witnessed countless times that HIPPA was violated by upper management in various ways with both internal and external communication, many cases in which nothing was done to correct the violations even when they were reported.

I have witnessed much of the give and take of contractual negotiations for various contracts that are amended almost yearly.

During my time in the Unit, I have witnessed violations of federal counterfitting laws in at least two databases, which upper management was made aware of numerous times, and has, to date, done nothing to correct. Yes, scanning actual dollar bills and saving the image files from those scans is a federal violation if you do it at 100%. Also, scanning paper money as proof of co-payment is not exactly the smartest thing to do in the world, but somone at this institution determined that it should have been a policy at one point in time.

Inside the Unit itself, I have witnessed a lot of brown nosing, sexual discrimination, reverse discrimination, and other political games which I refuse to partake in – and believe that that refusal may have something to do with my job being made to no longer exist. It’s never good to be a team player if that means doing something illegal – we are a hospital, not a mafia.

I’ve also seen a lot of highly unprofessional acts in the Unit by individuals other than myself. No, it’s NOT OK to allow lazy individuals to slack for YEARS when they are working visits in your denials database and then expect others to pick up that slack later, having to review 10,000+ visits and close them all out manually just because the idiots that should have been doing their job for the last several years did not do their job, knowing full well that it would be ok because you would do just as you did and assign the chores to someone else later to pick up for their imcompetence that you fail to notice because their nose is so brown for you. No, it’s NOT OK to put together databases with pull down menus that begin with the word “failure” folowed by an explantion of what the failure was, such as “failure to appeal claim in a timely manner” and then assign a gigantic job with over 15,000 cases to one person who will have to go through and close out every one of those cases manually since others in the department failed to do their job for over 3 years – making that individual have to manually type the word “fail” over and over and over for 8 hours a day, for months at a time – that sort of thing is hard on the fingers of the person typing it and shows how very badly you manage things (yes, for over 2 months I had to close literally about 15k visits because various individuals failed to do their job and file appeals in a timely manner for 3+ years! That’s unbelievable, and typing the word fail over and over and over while having 3 databases open to get that done is an extremely boring thing to do and is very depressing, emotionally stressful, and soul crushing, especially when the individual that has been assigned to do this job is already dealing with depression due to other issues outside of work that you are acutely aware of, such as the death of an in-law, or two right before this assignment, and many other deaths in the family earlier (Lots more on that in other posts in this blog – Mother-in-law passed away in april, father-in-law passed away last year, my wife’s grandma passed away last year too, and if you back track to 2005 when we got married – Tekla lost a cousin 2 weeks prior to the wedding, lost a 6 month old cousin before getting to meet him, lost a nephew who was a still born, and since then I’ve lost both my grandfathers, a cousin that was one year younger than me, and had another cousin get a brain injury and go in to a coma for many months (lots in previous posts… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in everything that we’ve been dealing with – to be close to mother-in-law we bought a house in the same city she was in, and later had to give it up in a bankruptcy when Tekla lost (actually quit because of emotional stress) her high paying union job to work for her mother as an aide, her stepdad moved in with us (who may have a job interview today, finally – yeah!) and had a lot of other issues going on… sorry to rant on and on about all of this, but since we are finally getting to a point of stability, it’s good to reflect back on what all that we have gone through to get here… We’ve been through hell and back in the last few years, much more than most couples go through in a full lifetime!… and our love only grows through it all – Thank God!))). No, it’s not ok to make fun of the medical records of patients that were taken to the ER. No, it’s not ok to suggest that patients that were near death due to self inflicted injuries or alcoholic overdoses should have taken more of an on overdose to kill themselves so you won’t have to deal with their insurances not paying their claims. No, it’s not ok to verbally make fun of patient’s names and ask coworkers to come and look at the computer screen to see the name when you are working their accounts. No, it is not ok to look up your friend’s or families Medical records or bills without their permission if it’s not a part of your job duty. No, it is NOT ok to change the way a system is working throughout the year because you know the auditors will be coming in to look at that system in a week and you don’t want them seeing things as they are currently. No, it is not ok to send every patient to a collection agency just because you want to collect more money faster than you currently are. No is is not ok to send unencrypted emails to third parties and make copies of those emails in the computer system that is considered a part of the patient’s medical records. No, it is not ok to assisinate a patient or coworker’s reputation in a patient’s medical record either, or in any computer system considered to be a part of the patient’s medical record. No, it is not ok to not bill an insurance some part of a bill if the charges in question will not result in any higher reimbursment, especially if the insurance involved is a government agency such as Medicare or Medicaid. No, it is not ok to talk about people behind their backs and stab them in the back at every chance you can in order to increase your own political power in the office. No, it is not ok to not submit bills if there is no medical explanation for the charges in question documented in a patient’s medical record. No, it’s not ok to send bills to a patient just because the insurance is asking for medical record info from your facility or another physician’s facility that the patient has seen in the past. No, it’s not ok to write off all balances of 14.99 or lower on each individual visit regardless of if that money is from an insurance or patient or is an overpayment or underpayment – yes, go ahead and write off the small dollars they owe you but for God’s sake, don’t write off the overpayments that you should pay them back, especially when they may have multiple visits in a day and you are willy-nilly just moving money around to different visits to hide tracks that you took their overpayments without giving it back to them, and stopy justifying it by saying that the University was created by the State constitution so does not have to follow consumer protection laws or report the overpayments to the state when in fact there are multiple overpayments reported to the state by the other univerisites in your same system(unclaimed property)! Stop throwing people’s money away that they overpaid because they misunderstood your purposely deceptive bills, and don’t keep making your damned collection agencies chase money down on those bills that the patients already did pay and may have overpaid on because you hid the overpayments so well that you can’t even find the money or your collection flukeys can’t (like a mafia lord asking for protection money so that they can just be seen in the ER or whatever)…… No, it is not ok to neglect putting things in the patient’s medical record that needs to be there per state or federal law, even if no auditor is checking that particular record. No, it’s not ok to accept gifts from insurances that exceed the monetary limits established for gifts of that nature stated in hospital policies (including but not limited to box seating at baseball games under the arch). No, it’s not ok to send unencrypted emails to insurances that contain confidential patient information in both the heading and body of the email. No, it’s not ok send emails about a patient’s confidential information to the patient’s supervisor if that supervisor has nothing to do with that patient’s health care and include the supervisor in on long email chains about the patient’s failure to issue payments and other confidential info more directly related to the patient’s health. No, it’s not ok to leave confidential patient information in public locations, unshreded. No, it’s not ok to slam down phone receivers after you get done with conversations that you didn’t like taking part in, and it’d definitely not ok to take the next several minutes after that to restate the entire conversation and your views on it, all explicitives included, out loud right after slamming that phone down so that you distract everyone in the area. No, it’s not ok make fun of patient’s medical records as you read them. No, it’s not ok to gossip about celebrities that are patients that have accounts you are working on. No, it’s not ok to make rules about keeping cell phones on silent or turned off for some but not for all – if you are going to make a policy, it should be applied to all employees equally, and you should definitely not negate yourself from that rule, especially if you wrote it. No, it’s no ok to talk about every detail of your pregnancy out loud at work to those who don’t want to hear your story or go in to details about how many times your new child had to be changed, and believe it or not, you and your child are not the center of the world’s attention that needs to be mentioned in every conversation you ever have with anyone about anything any day of the week. No, it’s not ok to spend the last 20 minutes of work spreading gossip just to spin the clock til you can leave. No, it’s not ok talk about people in whispering gossips, especially if you have your back turned to the individual you are talking about so that it’s obvious to everyone what you are doing. No, it’s not ok to start out loud gossiping every time the boss is in a meeting so you don’t have to do your work. No, it’s not ok to put rules on some people, such as making folks leave cell phones off, along with any buzzers on them, but not to do so to others that actually use their cell phones more than the folks you are handing these rules to. No, it’s not ok to fight people’s right to unemployment when you created a hostile work environment that caused them to become unemployed (sorry I didn’t help you out more with your fight C). No, it’s not ok to loudly criticize people for going in to art or graphic design professions just because you have a business degree yourself, nor is it good for you to openly criticize your children for doing so – shame on you. No, it’s not ok to openly and loudly criticize disabled people in wheelchairs for being in the road that you have to follow to get to work when you know yourself that the sidewalks that they could be on are not built yet. My mother-in-law fought hard to get Boonville handicapped accessible since she was disabled and confined to a power wheelchair before she died earlier this year… so I understand the fight these people have – you are on the wrong side, and should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that way being the ACFO of a major university hospital, but yes, you are right, it will be better when the sidewalks are built finally… No, it’s not ok to verbally give instructions that are intended for the entire department to one person and crossing your fingers in hopes that that one person will verbally tell everyone else and won’t mess up the details to meet their own agenda. No, its not ok, even if you are a female (or even if you are male), to blame problems with third party vendors based on their sex – that’s called sexual discrimination (and, No, it’s DEFINITELY not ok to slam phones down with that individual you are frustrated with and then yell, “It’s all his fault because he’s a man,” especially when you caused the only other males in the room to go to a human resource seminar that same day so that they could be trained about things like sexual discrimination – learn to look in a mirror someday in order to learn where the agression and frustrations you may be having really originate from – you can control your own thoughts and actions. Stop trying to control others so that you will be made in to the center of the universe). However, I’ve seen all of this sort of stuff happening multiple times, and much of it still happens even today.

What’s sad is that I suspect that much of this sort of unprofessional behavior is standard practice in many hospitals and insurance companies, but no one can do anything about it because any whistle blowing is stopped by the upper management that lets it happen, and any proof to outside entities could be considered Hippa violations… It’s a gigantic catch 22 that which Federal Government itself has established.

One of the ex-employees in the Unit, who was a close friend, was made to be fired/quit about a year ago, and actaully ended up in court fighting for unemployment benefits several months back. During the case many from the unit were called in to testify, including yours truly. Part of the case involved explaining the harsh working environment within the Unit, so there is documented proof of all of this drama on permanent file somewhere. Actually I think part of the removal of my position may have to do with being a backlash caused by that case. I’m not sure it’s worth trying to do anything about legally though since that would require a lot of financial hoops to jump through that I honestly don’t have the resources to cover at the moment.

Because of all of this, and some other things, we’ve started making a lot of adjustments in our life to get finances in order so that that we can afford to live on one income if we absolutely have to. As a part of that change, we moved from American Family Insurance to State Farm and that alone cut our vehicle and renters insurance in half. We are getting rid of the cell phones.
Tonight I’ll disconnect the cable since we are giving it up too. We’ll go with dsl instead.

About 3 days ago I bought a Roku from Walmart as a replacement for the cable, and I absolutely love it. I’ve known a bit about streaming video and podcast type of things for a while since I played around with Playon on the Wii about two years ago. I had not used Playon or much streaming much since then since our cable and router did not have wifi with it, and there was no need for it really since we had cable. Roku lets you ‘steam’ internet tv, podcasts, and other stuff like netflix to your tv through your internet without needing to use your computer as a middle man to handle the streams like Playon does. That’s a good thing since Playon uses a lot of cpu cycles that you can dedicate towards more important things.

I can’t believe how many times I’m editing this post, but I keep thinking about more things that should be here because it’s stuff I feel people should read about and no one else will tell them about… and the roku codes below is something that will drive people here eventually… so, since my rant mode is now on, here goes (feel free to just page down to the roku codes if you want to ignore all this other stuff – but some of it’s stuff you might want to read since it actually could affect you in some ways…)

‘Issues’ I have with the hospital I work for, and the industry in general that someone (maybe you) might be able to help change eventually (through laws, letters to those that make the laws, etc.)

CMS’s DRG based payment system is based on flat rate payments regardless of the amount billed. Why that’s here – sometimes that flat rate is more than the hospitals and other facilities bill. In other words, the Federal Government may pay hospitals more than billed charges in some cases – and sometimes that might mean the patients might be held responsible for copayments too, even though the hospitals already got paid more than they billed! I don’t keep up on Medicare policies and regulations as much as some of my peers since I don’t have a need to yet. This may have changed by the time you read this, but I’m not sure if it has or not.

Thermometers and similar type of devices and publicly used items should be protected from germs. As things are currently, many hospitals have gone to using the thermometers that you rub across people’s forheads. Those can get germs and things. Our hospital has gone to chaining those to carts and things to keep them from falling on the floor. When they first came out and started being used, some nurses were claiming that those gizmos got dropped on the floor a lot. The floor is a pretty germy place, especially in places like the OR or ER. Similar germ reductions should be used elsewhere. Many times doctors and nurses don’t wash their hands enough, and I’m fairly certain public water fountains and coffee machines at most hospitals are not cleaned hourly.

Many hospitals, including ours, has policies to write off small dollar credits and debits because pursuing getting that additional money or refunding that money would likely cost more than it’s worth doing. I’m told by the head of our compliance area that this is something most in the industry do. I don’t like this at all in regard to overpayments. It means that patient’s or insurances that overpay below the writeoff threshold won’t be refunded for their overpayment. At the moment, the threshold is $14.99 or lower where I work, and I’ve read that similar levels are used elsewhere at other Universities and Hospitals. This is the type of thing that ALL businesses have to deal with, not just hospitals. What’s sad is that this is per visit, not per day… sometimes a patient may go to multiple clinics per day, so that could add up over time if, for instance the patient has an old insurance card that had a copayment rate listed that is no longer used and is higher than what their current rate is. In cases like this consumer protection laws regarding overpayments needing to be reported to the state’s attorney general, and similar type of things usually apply. However, in this particular case, I’m told that laws like that don’t apply because the University itself that owns the hospital was created through the state constitution, so maybe if you are a lawmaker, you can get that fixed for us so that people don’t keep getting their overpayments stolen and evidence of it being washed down the drain since that sort of activity is not being reported as it does not have to be reported legally.

Crossing in the mail… It very much irritates me that collection agencies that work with the hospital keep calling and harassing patients even after they may have all their payments up-to-date. It also annoys me that the way the patient billing system is set up currently, bills for patients CAN AND DO produce after the patient has already paid. The reason I’m told that this happens is because things cross over in the mail, which is a complete lie. If the statement date listed on the top of a bill is after the date that a bill was paid already, either over the phone or in person the payment is already posted but no one is checking to make sure that the bill won’t produce after that… which leads to even more overpayments that might fall below that threshold listed above… so more overpayments that get stolen and no one is actively going back to check it out since they are not compelled to do so legally. That’s a HUGE PROBLEM. What’s worse is that the bills themselves are made to be confusing enough that gullible people are paying them… and then when overpayments do come in, many times the patient accounts dept. is moving the money that is overpaid from one visit to another, hiding the evidence of this fraudulant activity, and making the paper trail even harder to follow in case anyone ever does decide to try to trace down the payments and overpayments and where they were applied…. it’s a huge mess, and there is almost no oversight over this area at the moment, so we have tons of money being thrown at the hospital above and beyond what is actually due, and it’s all being essentially hidden in plain sight through obscurity and so far it seems to work, which is bad…

Smoking – like many hospitals, this facility has gone to a no smoking policy. In the past, patient’s could go to designated areas outside of the hospital to smoke, but now even those are being removed or moved further away from the campus or off campus all together. When this policy was initiated in, I believe, 2009, my mother-in-law (who passed away earlier this year), who was disabled, confined to a wheelchair, had diabetic nueropathy, and many other health issues, and was an inpatient in the hospital at the time, was told that by nurses and other staff at the hospital she would have to cross the road in front of the hospital in order to go off campus and smoke. This is a disabled lady that was in a power wheelchair. Nurses would not help her at all, and I suspect that they do likewise for any other patients, including those in wheelchairs that are not power wheelchairs. They were literally sending patient’s in to harm’s way by telling them to cross a busy street… I do think getting a no-smoking policy was a good idea, and a good thing, but think that forcing disabled patients that do want to smoke in spite of this policy to have to cross a busy road that is on a steep hill instead of just making them go right outside of the main entrance of the hospital is a critically bad mistake that may well result in some major lawsuits at some point in the future when those patients that are being told to take a hike across the road are hit in that road or hurt in some other way because of the horrible way that the hill in front of the hospital is designed that might even be in non-compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act… Doctors, administrators, and others that created this policy and are trying to enforce it – what the heck are you thinking? I’d like to see each of you get in to a wheelchair yourself and try to cross the road by yourself and come back during rush hour… You just don’t get it until you see what’s really going on. Yes, I agree that smoking is a bad thing, and needs to be done away with, but your stubborn ways of forcing it on people that have made smoking a part of their everday life is going a bit far I think. It’s creating stress on the patients and their families, something you, as health care providers should be trying to reduce in your patients, not increase… It’s taking a potentially dangerous situation and making it infinitely more dangerous. Bring back the smoking booths. I do agree they were pretty nasty, but at least they weren’t causing people to be tossed out in the middle of a busy street where cars fly by above the speed limit most of the day.

(will add more later)

So, without any further ado after that longwinded intro, I’m going to use this post to list all the ‘private’ channels (which are really public if you know them) that I’ve found in various online lists and websites for the roku, as well as urls to various podcasts, etc., that can be used in some of those Roku channels/websites. I’m also going to list some info on playon here too since playon actually works as a ‘channel’ in Roku.

I’m doing this because as a Roku owner myself, I know this sort of stuff is somewhat hard to find for the average user that doesn’t have the background and tenacity to go through doing a lot of searching for obscure info that is hidden in plain sight like a needle in a haystack in this mess that we call the internet. I’m also doing this for my own reference in the future in case I need to reset the Roku back to factory settings or buy a new one or something (Setting up the Roku is infintely easier than setting up Free-To-Air Sattelite TV like I did at the house we had to give up last year) – The copyright challenge for roku channel creators. I’m challenging the channel creators for the roku channels to upload a copy of the contract signature page for the contracts they have with the content creators for the content they are showing. We’ll see if any of them take up that challenge. My suspicion is that almost none of them have any contracts.

Roku Forums/urls where I found the codes: – Yahoo RokuDigitalVideoPlayer Group’s database of Roku Channel Names – AWESOME list created by Alexis

and a spreadsheet on google – Really NICE channel list. Catastrophegirl has confirmed on Roku Forums that she’s updating this list about once a week! 🙂 – instructions on how to create a ‘channel’ for Roku. I might have to study this a bit since it seems really interesting. – Thanks to LaLa for this one. 😉 – FTA Heaven’s list of roku codes (looks like that one’s being updated daily)

Playon Forums:

Roku Channels:
You enter the channels in your Roku by going to the url and inserting the code there. You could also just add the a / and the code after that url if you choose to do so. Either way will work. I personally have no need for the porn channels or the erotic or gay channels, but am listing them anyways because somoene reading this might.

Some of the channels in the below list are dupes. I have not had time to clean up the list yet. Some might not work, but most should at the time at this posting. There’s probably more channels out there, but this is most of the ones I’ve found so far. The devkit is out there, so I suspect more channels will be out soon. Some have special conditions. For instance USTV’s site says that it’s aimed at US citizens in foriegn countries, etc.


Daily Motion: SNKQW

1080p Showcase 1080p
ABC Australia ABCAU
Al Jazeera ALJZ
Aljazeera EA7NG
American Movie Classics: 71B0Y
AnomaliesTV: XM7EG
AP’s Top News Headlines Screensaver BRYKR
Archive Classic Movies: WSW1P NMJS5
AvalonPC YW0AS
BaebleMusic BaebleMusic
Badpuppy bptv69
BBC World News BBCN
Chaneru SHZFF
Chaneru 0.4: EXPEL
Channel9 channel9
Charlie Rose charlierose
Christian Video Pix DKHAU
CNN International CNNI
Earth-Touch HD 03VG9
EroticVision.TV IBRYL
EroticVision.TV – Gay HOMO
EroticVision.TV (Adult): IBRYL
Filmon FilmOn
FlickStream TV WVS3B
Food Network Nighttime FNNIGHT
France 24 G54GC
Funny or Die IU1VY
G54GC France 24
Gabby Beta gabbybeta
Google Maps GMAP
Google Voice: NXFBW
Hubblecast HD: 9OFQX
Hungrynation HUNGRY
Indy Mogul FILMY
Instant Watch Channel Lite J8XB5
ITunes Podcasts ITPC
Jupiter Broadcasting ARB6K
Justin.TV JustinTV
Kelby TV kelby
Last.FM: X0MCZ
LDS Video Podcasts: TMLJW
LED Clock Screensaver QZB4N
LinkTV LinkTV
LinkTV LinkTV
Live TV Streams livetvnow
Mormon Channel byurocks
Movie Splash moviesplash
Mummy Box livetvnow
MythTV (Linux Media sever) YWWMH
NASA TV (Private): HIBMX
Nowhere Forecaster GIN8E
Nowhere Porn 32ZUX
Nowhere TV/Pod TV H9DWC
Nuod Tayo TV K49NL
Onion News Network ONN
Phoenix Traffic 9MQBZ
Picasa Web: NEJXJ
Pink Label pinklabel
Pink TV (Adult): CJ3Y4
PlayOn Personal MYPLAYON
Positive Peak Radio & TV MNYVP
Re/Max: G8VAR
Red Bull Sports REDBULLTV
Revelation TV revelationtv
Roksbox: P1KWQ
Russia Today America RTAMERICA
Russia Today News English RTNEWS
Russian Channels / Live TVTEKA
sarnav sarnav
SCMDL (secretly branded) Channel: CAFEH
Simple Weather: IFUIN
snagfilms YTIYX
Soundcloud LITE SCROKUBW Channel HWTIC
Experimental Channel (Ted TV and a few Starz bio things) STARZ
TackleBox FISH
tagesschau K8BVY
Teletica Canal 7 Costa Rica 9RRFU
Television Shopping Channel TVS
TERRA Nature of our World F3SIG
The Onion News Network ONN
This is my next ThisIsMyNext
TikiLive TV tikilive
Traffic Cam demo 9MQBZ TVCOM – Russian Live / Timeshift tvteka
Twitter Screensaver V8MRS
Universities of California TV UCTV
USB Media Browser: KGULU
Ustream: IN4DN
USTVnow ustvnow
VibesWorkshop ZZTGX
Viddler Viddler
Videobox Player F6D9K
Weather Radar radar
WineUpTV WineUpTV
YouPorn SKOX7
YouTube B8VVK
Youtube: B8VVK
YUi Theater yui
retrovision retrovision

AnomaliesTV XM7EG
Archive Classic Movies WSW1P NMJS5
aljazeera justintv
Aljazeera EA7NG
1080p Showcase Binary Moustache
ABC Australia ABCAU

AvalonPC YW0AS
Badpuppy bptv69
Chaneru SHZFF

Channel 9 channel9
Charlie Rose charlierose

ET 1234567890
Earth-Touch HD 03VG9
Filmon FilmOn
Food Network Nighttime FNNIGHT
G54GC France 24
France 24 G54GC
Funny or Die IU1VY
FlickStream TV WVS3B
Google Maps GMAP
Google Maps GMAP
Google Voice NXFBW
Hubblecast HD 9OFQX
Hungry Nation HUNGRY
Indy Mogul FILMY
Instant Watch Channel Lite J8XB5

iTunes Podcasts ITPC
Jupiter Broadcasting ARB6K
Kevin Gong Chess KevinGongChess
Kevin Gong Hiking KevinGongHiking
LDS Video Podcasts TMLJW
LinkTV LinkTV
Mormon Channel byurocks
Movie Splash moviesplash
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Here’s a hint:
Do a google search for

Another tip – scared of fees? Add your payment method to Roku, buy a cheapo channel like the one time fee horror movie channel, and then delete your payment method. In theory this should let you continue to add private channels but those channels won’t have a way to bill you unless you put your payment method back in, so you should not get hit with recurring fees as long as there is no way to pay since you don’t have a payment method. If you find a channel that charges a fee, simply delete it. Netflix and sites like that should still work since you pay those places directly, not through your Roku account.

Actual Retro TV channel no longer works as far as I know, but retrovision, which is an experimental channel does.

Note: Youtube does NOT work at this time since Youtube changed the API to not allow this thing to work. Most of the others do work, but that could change anyday. Some of the channels have subchannels inside of them that have the main ones, so a bit of it is redundant, but not all of it is. Nowhere TV, for instance, probably has some network TV station podcasts stuff in it, etc. You have to be picky on the lower end Rokus. If you got the one at Walmart like I did, it probably only has enough memory to handle about 30 channels in the main menu at any time. Do enter more than that though because they’ll get stored in the channel store. I’m told in the forums that Roku’s creators are working on fixing that memory limit, but so far the fix is not here yet (several months after they made that announcement). Also, note: I think some of these channels work on Boxee too. I don’t have boxee so haven’t tried it.

If you really need youtube, I’d suggest getting a wii. They are a lot cheaper now then when they first came out. The version of flash on the wii’s opera browser did not work with youtube when the wii first came out, but nowadays, it does work. Some more fancy stuff does not work on the wii, like the free version of hulu, but the wii has come a long ways in a short time, and I suspect that over time it’ll do more.

Playon channel works just like playon for the wii or other devices. You, of course, will need your computer on if you are using Playon since that’s where that signal comes from. Some of the others, like Plex are similar to Playon. Do some research. Most of the channels should tell you on the Roku if you need to sign up for a website in order to use them, and what the url is for the registration there. Some channels have fees, but most don’t, or at least have some stuff for free. Stuff like USB TV is silly if your Roku isn’t one of the ones that has a USB connection on it. Playon CAN do the free version of hulu on either the wii or the roku but both either of those options require a computer that has some power behind it because the computer acts as a middleman between hulu’s website and the device on your television. The transcoding and media streaming requires a lot of ram and cpu usage, and on many computers that are a couple of years old, will max out the cpu usage in no time flat if you are not careful, which can be very hard on the computer’s power supply and other hardware. I’d suggest not even considering using playon unless you have a desktop with a lot of ram. I’d say stay away from it if you have a laptop since laptop’s usually aren’t made for that sort of thing, especially if they have ‘integrated memory’ where the computer’s graphics card and cpu use the same memory… You don’t want to overheat your laptop or burn out your computer just to watch some stupid re-runs on hulu!

Podcast Urls (s):
Roku has a podcast channel that has all the itunes podcasts on it. Also, if you sunimi you can put a lot podcasts rss feeds in there and use that through roku. Need a list of places to go to find some podcasts? There’s one zip file that was started by the playon community a while back (you need to register there at the playon plugin forums, but it’s free to do that). It’s a couple of years old though, so half of the stuff urls in that zip file don’t work anymore, lol.

You can even get college seminars from podcasts…

Happy Streaming! 🙂


First Reply on the Small Dollar Write Off Project

The first email reply about the Small Dollar Write Off Policy is in. You can check out more about it over at I sent out a few more emails today too. I have not sent out massive amounts of emails with that project because it’s not really needed, and also, this way I can keep track of the individual emails sent out and responded too in a more organized manner. It amazes me that banks, CEOs, Doctors, and many others think that it’s perfectly ok to take people’s money and make it disappear in to their own pocket, sometimes deceptively billing in such a way to purposefully confuse the consumer so that more is paid then was billed. Frustrating, irritating, and downright dirty to steal from the poor, under-educated, and unhealthy like that.

A few thoughts about illustration… copyright, trademarks, why “Work-for-hire” is EVIL… and Zombies, or actually Golems Really due exist!

While I say I love illustration, and want to get in to the illustration field, I think it only fair to give you a little bit of background about me, and some of my own personal biases and things about illustration… In the wide world of illustration, usually the client always comes first. The artist does work for the client. The artist creates things, but seeks approval from the client at each step of the process. The preliminary concept art is just thought of as something to hand to the client to seek approval. The client and artist then have a disucssion and talk about things, and go to the next step… and the artist continually changes the idea to be in agreement with what the client is wanting since the client has the ultimate say as the artist is seeking payment for the work from the client.

A little bit of a philisophical problem that I have with that sort of thing, at least in my own works, is that I consider each work of art that is created in every stage of creation as a seperate and unique art form… something that is not just a preliminary work for something later, to be discarded like pretty wrapping paper that is torn apart as a Christmas present is opened. The process of creation has multiple stages. Quick little doodles done in a sketchbook are just as valid as a final work of art as something that’s been re-worked three hundred times by an illustrator or designer that is seeking permission from his or her client.

Another huge issue in all of that is the “work-for-hire” issue. Many clients want illustrators and designers that work for them to consider their work as “work-for-hire.” According to the way contract law works, art that is created as “work-for-hire” is artwork that the client will own the copyright to. In other words, if an artist creates work-for-hire artwork, the artist will have to seek permission from the copyright owner to republish the work that he or she created, and the same thing applies to and “derivitive” work… that is work that is dervived from the original… That puts artists that work in “work-for-hire” contracts in a really sticky situation since they can never use the work for hire stuff unless they get permission again, which might actually end up costing them money, etc. The derivitive issue makes the bad situation even worse because most artist tend to build a sort of visual library in their subconscious that forces works they create later in life to resemble works they created earlier… which is something they could possibly get sued for if the earlier work was a work-for-hire form of art.

For this reason, I’m not sure if I could ever “really” be a full time illustrator. However, I do like the idea of illustrating things, and creating narrative structures, so it’s possible that I might be able to get in to this field sort of. One reason I really am attracted to using Public Domain stuff as the basis of illustration is that the original copyright owner no longer has copyright over that stuff, nor does anyone else… so it’s free game for anyone… However, writers that no longer have copyrights on their books are probably long gone, and so other people probably have created derivitive works of those books and artforms over and over throughout the years, so it leaves the ancient stuff as content that will be difficult to gain any economic profits off of in a direct manner… since dead writers won’t pay anything usually… That’s why I got interested in Cafe Press, and other similar types of places in my exploration of all of this stuff. The internet has created a lot of new little niche areas for many of us to investigate if we want to take the time to get in to it. There’s a lot to explore and play around with in the huge playground of tweaking public domain concepts, ideas, and works, and redistrubting them with our own little additions, changes, etc.

Eventually, if I do get in to making book covers and interior illustrations for Public domain books I will build up a lot of variety and introduce new fresh ideas, in hopes that maybe someday a real writer that is alive today might ask me to do some works for their books, magazine articles, blogs, etc. If that does happen, this whole work-for-hire issue will likely come up down the road. I guess I’ll cross those bridges if/when I get to that point. Regardless, if you create artwork, this IS something you should be thinking about somewhat. There’s a lot to copyright and trademark laws. I don’t claim to be a lawyer, but do know that this sort of stuff can be a major hassle if you don’t think about it before you dive in to a contract or situation similar to a contract that is all done with verbal agreements, etc.

Do you really want to give away your right to be creative?!?… Just something to think about.

A similar thing to think about – be sure that you are honoring the Copyrights and Trademarks of other… If you want to create a work of art depicting a soda can or car, are you aware that you could be sued by Ford or Coke, or any other company if the work looks too much like theirs? This is especially true of photographs. Speaking as someone that has had some photos removed from Turbosquid a few years ago because Turbosquid received a Cease and Desist Letter from Ford due to the fact that there was a Ford car somewhere in the forground of a picture I shot once, even though it was not the main focus of the composition, I can say this stuff is a reality you SHOULD think about before and while you are making your artworks. The possibility of having to go to court and pay high lawyer fees and court fees just because you clicked your camera in the wrong place is not a fun situation to be in! Ford is probably one of the biggest companies that chases people down for this sort of thing, but any copyright or trademark owner can do similar at any time because copyright and trademark law DOES apply to “derivitive works.”

For yourself, this can be a good thing, as you could possibly sue others if they create artworks that are in your style or just look too much like your work for your liking… However, what comes around goes around, and the you can find yourself on the receiving end of the same issue if you create works that are too much like other folk’s stuff too… which is something we all need to think about a LOT as everywhere you turn today there’s some namebrand, logo, or copyrighted thing in your face 24/7.

Your computer has a logo on it… oops better not photograph or draw it. You want to take a photo of a street – oops there’s a car on it that was created by an automobile company that has a trademark on that design. You shoot a photo of a gargoyle on a building – oops there’s an architect or sculptor somewhere that owns the copyright to that design. You shoot a picture of the sunset – oops there’s an airplane flying low there that was designed by a company with a trademark on that shape. You take a picture of a wall in your house – oops someone has a tradmark, and probably a copyright on the design of that wallpaper… Where is nature? That is one of the few things people can’t copyright… Nope?!?… someone has done a picture of a deer posing in that posture before! YIKES!

If you take a photo of someone, or create any form of artwork depicting anyone – you have even more issues to deal with since there are privacy laws. That’s why you always see notices in various films, literary works, etc. say any resmblence to real people in the characters depicted is coincidental, etc. It’s also why photographers need to get the permission of anyone they photograph, usually in a written form so that they can prove that the permission was obtained. The little photo of Barrack Obama standing next to the China Wall that was put in Times Square by the coat company is just one of the newest little examples of where these sort of issues can come up and cause major problems for all parties involved…

All of these little issues are amplified by the fact that Zombies, or at least Golems really do exist! As mentioned in How to Argue & Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Everyday, corporations and money are both lifeless beings that we give life to… things that are really dead that we give power to.

(*Perhaps the Golem are the invisible corporations and the Zombies are the employees that become “dead” 40 hours a week to serve the golem?*)

Sometimes, actually far more times than we probably want to acknowledge, we actually give our entire lives to these souless, lifeless beings! Corporations are our society’s gods from the ancient world. They don’t really exist but everyone knows that they are there. Everyone talks about them… shares stories about them… We even give them Social Security Numbers and call those Tax Identification Numbers… We give them life through our <a href="Memes“>about them.

Logos and employees are just one sign of their existence, as are all the contracts created in their names… Curators of Universities, CEOs, Company Presidents and others in power in the coporate world, just to name a few, are the priests of this religion that we don’t call a religion, but they are NOT the corporation itself, even if they think they are. They are hired and fired by the invisible zombies or golems that we breathe life into, just like everyone else. The piece of paper that creates a corporation is NOT the corporation itself. The corporations don’t really exist in our world, but we all pretend that they do and continue to bring life to them in our belief in them… continue to pay homage to them every time we think about that brand name we want to pay for, etc…. They are the true gollems that all of us helped bring in to power to submit our entire beings too in some way, shape, or form.

Advertising, and all of the little illustrations that come from it is just one of the many little offerings that are given to these souless, lifeless zombies to help them exist. You can call me a crazy lunatic if you want, but when you really dig deep and think about it, you have got to know that it’s true!

Does this mean I don’t want to be an illustrator. Of course not. I love to illustrate things, tell stories, bring life to the lifeless objects around me.

In a strange way, all people that create art, or anything really – letters that you made when you hit the keyboard on your computer (you do know that each letter and phrase is different from place to place in the world which is why there’s different languages that exist – we all breathe life in to our own perception of reality that the elders in our tribe have taught us IS reality and so we make it become OUR reality too), recipies you put together to eat, All Things that we do really… sort of do the same thing, whether it’s for a corporation or their own needs and wants to create. Art itself is something we breathe life in to, and it sort of takes on a life of it’s own in that process. Maybe all of this is something Jesus was talking about when he said you cannot serve God and Mammon?… but in reality, that’s not really possible is it, at least not if we want to live in this world and exist – Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser…

Anyways, I am a living being, just as you are, and as The Universe’s Creator is. The act of creating things is in some ways the real and ultimate goal and meaning of the universe?… or is it? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, be sure to make your works your own, and unique enough that you don’t get sued for copyright infringment by other humans or the golems that exist in our society.

Just something to think about…