Wood 0934

Wood 0934 Paint Chipped Wood Pattern Stock PhotoWood 0934 is a Royalty Free Photo that I shot many years ago that you can find on Turbosquid by clicking on the above image or by clicking on this text.

This is a digital photo that I shot many years ago. Portions of photos like this can be copied and pasted in to various photo manipulation programs such Photoshop to create interesting backgrounds for websites or creative projects, or can be used in various ways as textures in 3d software programs such as Blender, Lightwave, Maya, 3D Studio Max, etc.

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http://jdegre.net/pe/unlocker.php – Entropia Universe Chipping Optimizer

http://jdegre.net/pe/unlocker.php – Entropia Universe Chipping Optimizer.   This tool gives you a rough estimate of how much it will cost for you to chip up your avatars skills to the level you want to be at.

In Entropia Universe, unlike other MMORPGs, your avatar’s skills can be implanted and extracted so you can buy new skills or sell off the ones  you have.  It’s very similar to the way that Neo learned Martial Arts skills in the Matrix Trilogy.