Day 45 of the Power 90

Day 45 – Circuit III IV is now complete! I can’t believe this first 90 days is now half over!

It’s got me thinking that if I can do this, I can do a lot more daily too.

After watching that 30 Day Challenge Ted Talk video the other day it has got me thinking… I’m going to set 3 daily goals for 30 day challenges, and try to make myself a bit more of a Renaissance man in achieving those goals every day. It’ll be simple things. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve all of them, but if I make it simple goals I think I will be able to, and can just add on to that over time.

Besides doing the Power 90 workouts, the goals are going to be

Goal 1: Snap at least 5 photos with a digital camera daily.

Goal 2: Spend time at night before bed (or just after work after the workout – see goal 3) writing 3 hand written, single space pages daily. This will be my equivalent of ‘the morning pages’ from The Artist’s Way. I’m going to do these at night since I don’t have a lot of time in the morning as I’m doing these workouts in the mornings.

Goal 3: Do a cardio workout in the afternoon after work… It will be a cardio workout likely, and it might not always get done since I will need to rest some days I suspect.

Goal 4: Create at least concept for an illustration or painting daily. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m hoping to also try to actually do some of the best works created from this brainstorming as paintings or illustrations, etc. One thing I’ve not done a lot in the past was prep work in coming up with ideas for illustrations and paintings, so I was not achieving too much as some cliches would come instead of real great works that were worthy of being created. I’m hoping that new ideas daily can help with this.

Goal 5 is here too, but I won’t track it much… that is to track keywords in Turbosquid. If you have guild membership there they update keywords that you can track. I used to track these some, but haven’t done it much lately. I plan to start doing that more… but if it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done daily – no biggie. I’m hoping that that will help with the illustration/drawing ideas, etc. since some of the artwork created from that may have some focus on those type of keywords and/or be 3d models for that sort of thing, etc. I haven’t used lightwave in a while, but might try to get back to that in future 30 day challenges.