Day 20 of the 1000 day challenge

Just completed Cardio III-IV tape. Used the camping mat. That enormously helped with the ab ripper… much, much less pain/strain on the back with that… Put a tee shirt down under the back so I didn’t get suction cup action going on with the back like happened last time I used the mat for this… that helped a lot. I use a tee shirt as my sweat towel instead of regular towel since it dries a lot quicker and does not trap the sweat for a super long time causing mold/mildew. I just used that tee.

Probably won’t workout tonight since I’m sort of only doing one workout a day on Sundays since it’s really a weekend. Not sure if I’ll change the rule or not after the first 30 days or not… but might not since I am human and a weekend is a weekend… (goal for first month is to workout at least once a day, 6 days a week – met that goal pretty much so far except for the day after I had that incident with the dips where the bar slipped on me. Goal for second month is to do two workouts a day – was going to make it 6 days a week too, but might just do 5 days a week on that to be easy on myself on weekends… )

also did a little bit of shopping with the few bucks left on the gift card and a little extra out of our own account and got some bungee cords to use as elastic stretch bands. I think bungees work better for that than rubber/latex bands because plastic/rubber bands will break eventually (partly what happened to the bands that I got with the original p90 set). A good, strong bungee should not break as easily… I strung a few bungees together to make a couple of longer cords… Tied them together so it should work nicely when I get around to using them. Also didn’t cost nearly as much as the latex/rubber bands… 9 or so bucks for a full set of 23 or so bands (well handful of them wouldn’t be strong or long enough to work, but most of them are) vs about same price for one latex band that can/will break after a month or two of use…