Contacted Mark Harmon a while back along with a lot of other Truman Alumni and stuff. Finally got an email back from him today along with a link to his awesome website… .

I’ve been a bit out of art but am probably going to get back in to it real soon. Things are starting to settle down in the living arrangements now that we are in the apartment. Now if the floods just stop (waterlogged carpets and floors the last few days have not been fun to deal with — hoping landlord can figure out what the problem is and fix it), things will be getting back to normal… Been watching a lot of movies lately. It’s sort of nice having cable again. We didn’t have it when we lived in Boonville since we were spending so much on commuting daily and also because I was in to fta satellite reception. I did some doodling in lightwave the other day… will probably do a lot more of that sort of stuff, drawing, and photography. Things are starting to get good again. I might be posting more here eventually, but it might take a while since a lot of the paintings I wanted to take photos of and post on here are in storage at my parents house for now. Little 2 bedroom apartment is not enough room to store tons of huge paintings, especially since one of the rooms is mostly a storage room now, filled with boxes from floor to ceiling. Downsizing is hard to do. We did get rid of a lot of stuff, but there’s a lot more that we find it hard to part with since we might use the stuff or need it later. That and memories are hard to part with. I even have one box marked “sentimental crap,” lol. About half of the store room could be named that on some level.