Positive Vibes and Less Stress…

Well, I did pass my EMR exam with NREMT a while back, but have decided to NOT be an EMR, at least for now because I know how much stress is involved with that.  It would be nice to have a few extra bucks an hour, but not if all of that extra income and then some will be needed to pay councilors and medical bills…

I need to start focusing on myself and my own health instead of the health of others for a while, so that I can become a better person, more able and capable of taking care of people than I am now… that ol you have to love yourself before you love others bit is true.

I am a stress eater, and someone that doesn’t take too much care of myself healthwise as far as exercise, mindfulness, controlling my diabetes, controlling my many food allergies and intolerances goes, etc. when I’m stressed. I live in a house with my parents, wife, child, sister, and niece at the moment. Sometimes things are good and happy, but a lot of times they are stressful for a variety of reasons.  I’m hoping to fix the living situation sometime

I need to start focusing on exercising daily. I need to start watching my sugar levels a lot closer than I have been recently. I need to and have started walking to work from time to time – plan to do more of that going forward.  I need to start eating paleo and make that a lifestyle change and not just a diet that I do once in a while. I have a lot of changes to make, and I plan to make them… after this week.  This weekend we have a wedding to go to down south, so we’ll be busy eating and celebrating in traditional ways… which will probably include a lot of non-exercising other than dancing, and eating crap that my body doesn’t need… but after this weekend, watch out world. A new me is on the horizon…

I WILL get to my BMI target weight sometime in the next few years, or possibly in less than a year if I work hard enough.  It will take a lot of work, but I WILL do it.


Happy New Year

I was watching the news the other day and they said that you should choose one word as a new years resolution goal and focus on it the entire year. This year’s word for me is “health.” I plan to obtain that resolution/goal in a variety of ways. It includes both diet as well as exercise, but also includes a lot of other things too such as staying away from foods I’m allergic too more than I did last year, looking for non-traditional as well as traditional ways of being healthy, focusing on environmental things that keep me from the goal of being healthy, de-stressing, focusing on health issues of those around me, listening to my body more, and a lot of other things. Happy new year to everyone.

Hope this year is a great one for you. Be excellent to one another!