Post-New Years Reflections

Over the years I have come to enjoy the fact that that I graduated from college 5 years after I graduated from high school because that means that each of my 5 year and 10 year class reunions for both college and high school all fall on the same years. That makes scheduling things a little easier. It’s also interesting that those years end in 4s and 9s, which means that they are always one year before the 5s and 10s that are my wedding anniversary 5 and 10 year increments. It also means that the times when we add a new digit to the tens part of the calander happens between the time that I have class reunions and the time that my wife and I celbrate our anniversary. All of that combines to make that extended period of several months every few years a neat time to reflect on the past, think about the present, and make plans for the future.

Part of this personal time of reflection this time round is actually what’s driven me to start this blog. It’s been a little over 10 years since I graduated from college, and a little over 15 years since I graduated from high school, and will soon be 5 years that I’ve been married to the most amazing woman in this or any other universe…

Therefore, it’s time to start doing more art related stuff before those turn in to 30 years, 60 years, etc., and I will be looking back in time thinking “what if…”

If you have a deep desire to do something creative, daring, or completely out of the ordinary compared to your average everday life, but have not done it yet, maybe you should challenge yourself to try to take the bull by the horns and try to do whatever you have been dreaming of doing before your next high school reunion….

or actually in a shorter time span… You made your new years resolution, now stick to it no matter the cost. You’ll be proud of yourself as you accomplish things that you actually want to do instead of continuing to just do what others are telling you to do in the mundane chores of your everyday living.


Happy New Year (almost)!

Happy New Years (almost). I’m really hoping that 2010 will be a MUCH better year than the last couple of years have been.

We have had far too many deaths in the family the last few years. In 2009 Tekla’s father and grandmother both passed away.

My cousin, Malissa also passed away.

They will be missed greatly.

A while before that, one of Tekla’s youngest cousins passed away.

A long while before that, one of my cousins was in a coma for a very long time. Luckily he’s been out of it for a long while and is now recovering nicely. Before that, my grandfather passed away not long ago. Before that my other grandfather passed away just a few years ago.

All of these tragic events that we have witnessed in recent times has made me come to cherish each day. Life is worth living to the fullest – every minute of it, every day, every second!

In January, I plan to see my now one year old niece that I have never met up til now. In April, Tekla and I plan to celebrate our 5th Anniversary! 2010 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR! Let it be so, Amen.