45th Morning – Resting… because of an idiot that did laundry….

Resting this morning because I’m a little sore in my neck, and upper back due to fighting with the pillows all night as I tossed and turned and also because I’m extremely tired this morning… Some idiot was using the laundry room near our apartment at 1:00 in the morning! I think it was the guy upstairs from us since I think I heard the alarm go off right before I heard him fumbling around in the laundry room making a ton of noise. There’s a big sign on the door that says that the laundry room is only to be used between the hours of 8 AM – 10 PM but idiots around here still sometimes use it after those hours. I called the landlord’s office and left a suggestion on the voice mail that they install a lock on the door to the laundry room, but don’t think it’ll do any good because the landlord doesn’t give a damn sometimes….

The stupid washers over there in the laundry room aren’t hooked up right anyways and any time someone does a washing machine load the pipes start throwing water all over the floor creating a huge amount of mold to build up on the walls over time… Tried to call the landlord on it last year and nothing happened. Went a step or three further and reported it to the city… all that resulted in was landlord painting the molded wall, not fixing the root problem, so the wall that was painted a few months back is now just full of mold again… we need to move to a new place one of these days…

Day 13 of the 1000 day challenge..

It’s Day 13 and I just completed the Circuit III-IV tape. I sweated a lot more than normally because I’ve been drinking coffee this morning as my parents gave me some sugar free hazelnut flavoring to put in to coffee last night… Tekla does not drink coffee much so I don’t make pots of coffee any more, and use the little individual packets that come in tea bag type of things. The bleach flavoring or whatever they use in those filters on that stuff is extremely bitter but with a tad of flavoring like this hazelnut stuff it’s tolerable. I basically microwave a cup of coffee with the packet in it, drink it, then refill the water and zap it again without changing the bag. One bag can make about 4 or 5 cups of coffee, that are progressively weaker every cup, but still tolerable. I don’t do that sort of thing much except on weekends, and when I get special little ‘treat’s’ like this flavoring…

I did the Laundry this morning… That’s somewhat of a cardio workout I guess… if you include taking several loads over to the machines across the hall, and then load/unload/fold, etc. Add in a few chores like vacuuming, etc. and it’s sort of cardio. I think I’ll probably make Sundays the dedicated laundry and cleaning day and that way I can count that as one workout sort of and just do one of the workout videos so that I don’t have to take two showers on the weekends. Saturdays will be more sort of default rest/S day.

The bar that I put on top of the stool to do the dips slipped on me while in the middle of the dips today, and I fell down to the floor, giving me a little bit of a back ache in addition to normal aches from lifting the 8.5 lb weights and doing the pushups… so I won’t be using that any more… it’s too dangerous. I was lucky to be on the lower part of the dip when it happened instead of at the top part… or else I might be in the ER right now.