Getting Organized, and Moving Foward…

Getting Organized, and Moving Foward…

Over the last few days, I’ve decided to start getting organized again and make more plans on how to get motivated and move forward in my life and in my art.

The cgtalk forum thread over at got me thinking, and as I noted over there, I’m starting to work with a few notebooks and sketchooks now.

I started the Artists Way again, and am at least trying to do the Morning Pages again. I had given up on that a month or two back because my allergies were really hurting me a lot, so making the time to get up earlier in the morning then necessary to write down the 3 handwritten pages needed for that every day was too much.

We also were going through some personal crises type of things recently that was having big emotional impact on me… My mother-in-law passed away April 10th and her funeral was on the 14th. In the last couple of years my wife has lost her mom, dad, and last living grandparent as well as a six month second cousin who she never got a chance to meet that now rests in peace next to her mother and grandmother. All of these tragedies make me realize how fragile life is an how short it is, and how important it is that I start following the Artist’s Way more strictly since, as the book discusses, it really is ‘selfish’ to have talents and skills and not share them with the world or take the time to perfect those skills and talents as a gift to myself and those around me, even if it does cost a bit to do so in the form of art materials, etc.

I’ve started a notebook that is acting sort of like a diary and daily planner type of thing like the one described at and
I’ve also started a second notebook that is a to do list similar to the one listed at

As mentioned at we all need to do this sort of thing, especially if we focus on technical things like art, computer programming, game development, and hacking, all of which are sort of niche areas that I have some interest in on some levels.

The calander/diarly/battleplan book is sort of a daily summary thing so far, where I’m keeping small notes on mostly everything I’m doing that is of some importance in my life daily and out of the ordinary. This is sort of a reflection guide that tells me what I’ve done and when I’ve done it that will come in handy later since the calander part of it you do forwards to backwards and then back and forth… so each page has dates that are months apart so you can sort of mentally review what you did earlier that year or last year and keep your mind fresh and clear on where you’ve been so you know where you are going…

The Morning Pages notebook I’m doing is just a bunch of loose leaf papers in a 3 ring binder I keep on the coffee table and I enter 3 handwritten pages in the mornings. If I just ‘have’ to sleep in an hour I only do one half page or one page as time permits before work. I don’t try to sleep in much, but if I had too much caffiene the night before, or allergies are extra-ordinarily bad that caused me to loose sleep, or stomache is upset or loud neighbors disturbed rem time, I’m not oppossed to skipping the morning pages and just doing a shorter version since it’s all about getting healthy and wealthy on a lot of emotion and psychological levels, and you can’t be too healty or wealthy if you are lacking sleep…Eventually if that 3 ring binder is full, I might either bind the pages in some other way (likely using leather, yarn or something, or just buy another 3 ring binder… Plan on doing this the rest of my life essentially, so it’ll take up a lot of room over time I suspect.

The TO DO list is something new that I’ve not done before. I used to do to do lists in excel and notepad some for daily and weekly stuff, but never one that I wrote out by hand and updated every day. I’m finding that writing the stuff down and actually crossing it off as I do it gives a nice sense of accomplishment, and a motiviation to actually do what I put down there every day in the morning after I do the Morning pages… I want to get really detailed with this to do list and add all sorts of various technical things in it eventually every day. That way it’ll act sort of as a grimoire type of thing along with the daily calander/battleplan book.

I’ve also got a couple of voice recorders. I bought them several years back to record sounds when I was getting in to 3d animation a little in 2005 or so, but never did much with them. Now I pack them with the ‘manbag’ type of laptop case I carry with me everywhere to record notes to myself on the way to or from work and also to just do various sounds. Sound driver on computer is glitchy though, so can’t always listen to what I record there… Need to fix that eventually but not sure how. I DO NOT CARRY A LAPTOP with me ever, so don’t even think about trying to steal it from me if you see the laptop bag. All that I carry with me is a paper notebook, a cheapo mp3 player and a cheapo voice recorder in there, and somedays a cheapo digital camera somedays, lol.

Over time I might scan these various notebooks and put them online somewhere at least as backup… Also might buy myself some more external hard drives (only got one small one right now) to save backups to and actually keep one at my parents house that I’ll do backups to on a monthly basis or something going fowards.

All this writing and organization is helping me think clearer and be organized. The morning pages sort of ‘clear my mind’ in the morning. The other two notebooks help me ‘clearly define my daily goals’ and keep track of what goals I’m getting done and not getting done daily so I can become more productive as an artist and guide myself towards where I want to and need to be.

If I’m not doing all this, which is the way I used to be, my mind becomes unclear on what I need to do and when I need to do it, so I would find myself watching forums and emails or youtube and movie channels for hours without being productive. I’m probably one of the few people that call myself a painter but have not painted or sketched a lot in years… Hopeing to change that… Hoping to do small skill challenges and things to increase my skills in drawing and painting to where they were back in college, if not go beyond that level, far beyond it… to the professional level I want to be at, and that I know I can be at with a little practice… daily practices… practices that will be in that to do list that I will actually do and cross off as I do them! 🙂

I do plan to buy acid free sketchbooks too, but that, along with other art expenses will be something I’ll tackle one thing at a time… Art materials don’t have to be super expensive, and to do lists and stuff like this don’t need to be on acid free paper since scanners exist. The old me would have just not suited for anything but acid free sketchbook paper, but that’s silly and way too darn expensive just for writing stuff like the morning pages and to do lists…

Advertisement is a new wiki I started today. I plan to add more to it on a regular basis, and grow it to be a gigantic list of artists both future and past, both greats and lesser knowns. Since it’s a wiki anyone can edit it. Feel free to add to it at any time. This is growing a project I’ve started because I think places like wikipedia, and most art history books are a bit biased in what and who they include and do not include.

The point of this is to create a list of every artist that we can find anything about. Since visual arts is my thing, I’m starting there, but over time it might be highly possible to add musical arts, and other art types there. I want this thing to be come a hugely comprehensive list that will be usable by the masses for various purposes. Art students and art historians doing research papers could use it as a starting place for doing research. Art collectors could use it to find up and coming artists. Art galleries could use it to find artists and ways to contact them. Artists themselves can use the wiki to link to their home pages, study trends, get inspiration, etc.

Turbosquid links will be forthcoming….

I’m currently in the process of extracting links to all my turbosquid files that exist prior to today and converting them in to html links that I can load up here in the blog. The next several posts will contain the links.

Why, you might ask am I doing this since people can currently go over to Turobsquid and just browse my stuff…

Simple answer to that is because I want to refer to some of that stuff in future posts here, and also maybe give more explicit commentary on the individual files then Turbosquid allows. For instance Turbosquid itself does not like artists to put ways for people to contact them inside of the descriptions of assets on Turbosquid… Turbosquid’s database system is neat, but a little dated… so tagging is not always done the best way over there as it’s limited to x amount of spaces, etc. Tagging here in the blog, I seem to be able to have a lot more abilities then over there.

I currently have over 9000 assets on Turbosquid, so this might take several postings to do. I do plan to put some commentary in to some of the postings giving a little more info about stuff then the turbosquid system itself does.

I’m also doing this because I ultimately want every one of my online assets to be linked to in this blog. Since there’s so many assets over there already, this helps me moving foward since I can cross reference stuff from my blog here, my future portfolio website, and other creative online endeavors I plan to undergo someday.

Some might call this spam, but I hope you understand that it’s not really. The idea here is to document what I have online already, and moving forward, create just as much comprehensive descriptions and links to new works… slowly building my own creative online empire of artwork more or less. It’s something that will take time to do, but this way of doing it is massively faster then the individual linking process I was planning to do a few days back that would have literatlly taken months instead of days…

I want to be able to cross reference stuff on Turbosquid to non-Turbosquid stuff that I have online, have the ability to have people that like my work contact me directly, and do a lot of other things that this will allow me to do in the future, which Turbosquid’s limited functionality cannot provide. I like TS, will continue to use it, and suggest others do likewise, but just feel it’s time to do a lot more then I have done over there, and am limited by what I can do there, so it’s time to bring the there over to here a lot more… Similarly, I’ll be doing likewise with Zazzle, my portfolio website, and maybe even other sites and projects I’ll be working on in the future… This blog is about re-creating MY online identy.

This sort of huge project is just one small part of doing that. I’m trying to take more control of what I create, and can do online. I’m trying to bring the various pieces of my scattered shatters of the online MY back together in to one ME, fully united… that’s what the links in the turbosquid urls that I”m going to post are about… That’s what almost all of my postings here are about… I want and need to be an individual artist not some random, unidentified person out there in cyberspace with millions of shattered pieces orbitting the earth, like space junk that has no purpose anymore… I want to be me, Jeff Thomann, and this is all what part of me trying to do that is about…