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I have not been working on putting up a lot more new stuff lately, mainly digitizing the older stuff to give it a home. Over time, I’ll start working on new stuff to go in there. Going to post a link to it in one of the main pages on this blog.


Mall Small #48 Drawing

Copyright Jeff Thomann, 1999
Media: Ink on Paper
Original Status: Not for Sale at this time
Print Status: Prints of this image on various items is available at
Original Size: 3 1/2″ x 5″
Primary Themes: Body, Legs, tee, shirt, standing, Portrait, Sketch, Drawing, Line, Head, Study, Figure, Face, Doodle, Anatomy, Sitting, composition, ink, illustration, print, prints, cartoon, 1999, art, artfolio, blogging, college, composition, doodle, Face, hobbies, ink, jeff, lines, sitting, sketch, stick, study, human, thomann, arts, full, body, full body, frontal