Winkflash Transporter has stopped working…

I get an error that Winkflash Transporter has stopped working whenever I try to run it. Email from support was less than useful – they say to just use the individual file uploader. That’s not a solution. I have done some googling and found that Blinkflash worked under Linux a while back. Wonder if anyone’s come up with a similar creative solution? I think I may have uploaded too many files at once with Transporter or something and am causing some sort of memory leak problem that causes it to stop instantly before it really gets going. Error message when Winkflash stops working.

Long List of 3d and 2d editing software

This space will is reserved for a list of 3d and 2d editing software that I’ll drop in here in the near future, and/or build over time. I don’t have time to list it all right now, but am putting this here as a sort of reminder to myself to come back here later and add more. There’s tons of great 3d and 2d freeware and shareware out there as well as higher end stuff. I’ve played around with quite a bit of it and will post my comments on each one I have some experience with here.

Blender –
Gimp –
Wings 3d –
Project Dogwaffle

I’ll add more to this list over time… You might want to book markt it! 🙂

=== note to self –

Also add more like it.. other lists have been in various forums before.. but forums disappear over time. Blogs can too, but not as easily all the time.