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Entropia Forum’s database got bought by Mindark, so the new location of the thread my shop in Entropia Universe is – Mr. Pirate’s Foot Locker is a website that lists the trading rates for Mike Pirate Vic, a full time trader in Entropia Universe. Mike has fairly good rates, and updates the rates regularly.

Entropia Universe Tips – Scams lists a few more scams in Entropia than below does…

There are many scams that exist in the Entropia Universe, just as there are many scams that exist in the real world. It would be impossible to list every scam since scammers in EU, just like in the real world are constantly trying new things to try to overcome their victim’s defenses. Here are just a few of the scams that are in EU that you might want keep on the watch for.

TT Scam
Don’t buy Trade Terminal (TT) or Technician items from others unless they ask for the Trade Terminal Value. The one exception to this, which is fairly new, is that some avatars believe they can sell Trade Terminal items to others if the tier on the item in question is higher than tier zero. Use caution in these sort of situations since most TT items are fairly low level, and not worth as much as the sellers might tell you they are worth. Check with the nearest TT and Technician to see what items they sell. The items available in both the TT and Technician occassionally change from Version Update (VU) to VU.

Borrow Scam
Don’t let others borrow items from you unless you are prepared to lose the item forever, and also are collecting collateral on the item in question that is at least the value in Markup that you would normally sell the item for – preferably more actually since higher collateral usually acts as a deterrent from the borrower from stealing the item outright as they want their peds or other form of collateral back from you. Mindark (MA) considers all trades to be final, so technically there is nothing in the game that allows borrowing or renting of items. Therefore, anyone involved in renting or borrowing anything is possibly participating in a scam at any point in time.

However, many trustworthy avatars do exist, and borrow things from one another, rent things from one another, and many shop owners “borrow” items from others in “consignment” deals to sell the items in question in their shops, and the shop owners do pay back the original owners of the items in question many times. Like all things, trustworthiness is the most imporatant factor here. If you don’t trust those you are trading with, don’t trade with them. That’s why the trade window has you press two confirm buttons before a person to person trade is finalized. That extra button gives you a chance to check to make sure the other avatar put in everything they said they would, and that you are 100% sure you do want this deal to go through.

The Lost Library Consignment Shop that my avatar, Maria Mastermesh Mesh, runs and the Dead Man’s Plunder Shop, which is run by one of my old friends, Nihilist, are two consignment shops that are fairly reputable, and very trustworthy. I try to never scam anyone ever, nor does Nihilist. Other consignment shops exist in game too, and each one is run by other avatars of various levels of trustworthiness. Just be careful in your trading so you don’t get scammed.

Upgrade Armor scam (*EDIT* Now, certain armor types can be colored…)
Armor cannot be upgraded, nor painted. However, newly introduced tier system does allow for armor, just like many other items, to be tiered, which is similar to an upgrade. If someone asks you to let them upgrade or paint your armor, watch out, it might be a scam. The painting of armor is a definite scam. However, clothes can be painted and textured, so some avatars asking you to let them upgrade your clothes by painting it might not be scamming you, but you should ask for collateral if you do get in to a deal like that to make sure you get your stuff back. Otherwise, you might literally lose the shirt on your back.

Skill Scam and other trade scams
Empty skill chips are needed to put skills in when trading them. Sometimes scammers claim that they need you to provide them an empty skill implant chip so that they can fill it up and give you the skills. Be very careful in this situation to ask for collateral since ESIs have a very high market value.

L Scam.
Limited (L) items cannot be repaired. They “break” at around the time that their TT value drops to about 3% of their total TT max. These items are then unusable, and pretty much useless since they can’t be used and can’t be repaired. They become fancy junk to look at or to sell to the TT. Sometimes scammers put L items like this on the auction or in a shop after they are almost broken so that others will pay top value for them since the prices will be low as TT value is low, and they expect full Market Value for them… Don’t be tricked in to paying top dollar for something that’s broken that you can’t repair, unless maybe you have some special use for it.. for instance to hang on the walls of your apartment if you have an (L) item museum or something. All other uses for this stuff is non-existent.

Investment Scam
Sometimes avatars come up with big plans that require lots of peds. When that happens, they sometimes ask for other avatars to “invest” in their plan to help them get the capital needed to start up whatever their big idea is. Be very careful with this, especially if there is an initial cost that has no return on investment.

I’ve outlined some of the Investment Scams I’ve seen in game over at

As mentioned there, some of these investment plans are legit, and others are not. Even then, they all are run differently. Just remember that MA considers all trades to be final, so if someone does get you involved in something like this, and they take all your peds and give you nothing back ever, the “trade” that was used to get your money might probably be considered a legit trade so there might not be anything you can do to get your money back. Be careful. Peds don’t grow on trees!

You might also want to read the Scamming Methods Exposed thread on Entropia Forum for more tips on how to avoid being scammed.

Also, I’ve started a new blog to deal solely with the issue of conspiracies and scams in Entropia Universe. It can be found at

In more recent days, I’ve outlined some of the many problems with Entropia as far as both scams and exploits go over at and it’s sister blog (which I no longer post to as much) http://entropiatrash.­wordpress.­com