Ugh… Various Philosophies.

Below is my “Ugh… Various Philosophies” page on this site. It is here to showcase my various “unique mental train of thoughts” on a lot of different things in life, religion, the Universe, and various other things.

This page will be the sort of a place that those who might be thinking about writing my eulogy someday may want to visit to come up with ideas and inspirations. It will be a place with some very interesting takes on some biggies in life that are sort of ‘wow’ revelation ideas that came to me at various points in life… that I figure are big enough to share with others somewhere.

Enjoy yourself reading it!
Life is short. Have fun! Be happy! Have fun with family.
“Enjoy yourself.”
Above was the phrase “Enjoy yourself.” I’ve started using this phrase since a former coworker of mine used to use it a lot when checking IDs at the turnstile of my current place of employment at the time of this writing. The more I think about what she was saying when she was saying it, and why I’m saying it, it seems to almost have a double meaning which is “go fuck yourself,” but it doesn’t sound that way on the surface… Don’t you think?!? To some that could be a great suggestion. To others a major insult?!?…
Thoughts on Commuting:
I have been contemplating getting a job that requires commuting again. I’d have to probably drive about 40-55 minutes a day one way on average, once you consider in the time spent at stop lights, gas stations, etc. I’m thinking it may not be such a good idea as TIME is a resource, and doing a job like that would require a major investment of time:

40-45 minutes a day rounds up to being an hour one way…

an hour one way works out to being roughly 2 hours a day…

2 Hours a Day works out to being roughly 8 hours a week on a 4 day a week work
schedule, or 10 hours a week on a 5 day work schedule.

That works out to being roughly a workweek extra a month just spent in commute time… That is A LOT of time… That is 12 weeks or so year that are wasted in commute time alone… time that will NEVER be compensated or given back to you in your limited lifespan on this earth… Time that will likely be spent doing unhealthy things that will shorten your lifespan even more like stressing yourself out with driver’s rage, eating “bad for you” food at Convenience Stores that exist only to give you unhealthy foods to eat that will shorten your already shortened life since you are driving to them, etc.