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Below is a LOT of useful info. Have fun and have a healthy life. I’m constantly editing this page to add more useful stuff for both your and my quick reference. ­čÖé
PRIMARY ONLINE VIDEO SITES (other than some others mentioned below): – Fitness Blender has lots of videos, but they are kinda ‘slow/boring’ to me personally. I do use them, but the lack of music in most of them, and dull boring background (which I guess is like that to keep your focus?) is kinda hard on the eyes imho. They do have some really great kettlebell and hiit (high intensity interval training) videos though… I think one even is for over an hour, and attempts to get you to burn over a thousand calories in one session! – Hasfit – Coach Kozak’s youtube videos. He’s got some inspirational videos and a variety for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced folks… so it covers a wide range. is the main site for hasfit that outlines various programs such as the ‘warrior 90’ that – giving you a wider use of the videos and a basic instruction on which video should be watched on which day for optimum improvment. – The Pentagon Channels ‘Fit For Duty’ series of workout videos. Use your tax dollars at work to help get yourself in shape! Note, you can also find fit for duty on youtube if you do some searches since a lot of people upload it there (that works better with some of the ‘tools’ listed below than the pentagon channel’s main site if you need the videos on a local server like plex ..) – Be Fit channel on youtube has many workout videos. – Efit 30 workouts on youtube – Efit’s main site Exercise TV on Hulu. There’s also a lot of exercise tv stuff on youtube if you just search around for it since a lot of folks upload it there (as mentioned above some of the tools listed below work better on youtube’s site than on sites like hulu that purposefully try to keep you from getting the videos on your computer itself as they want you streaming so they can cram commercials down your throat) – Bodyrock’s main youtube user. Bodyrock is ALL HIIT (high intensity interval training) stuff primarily. There was a time a while back when they were teamed up with Zuzana and her zwow type stuff and a yoga instructor, but they all sort of parted ways and bodyrock is all hiit nowadays. I consider Bodyrock videos very, very difficult to do… That’s the point of hiit. It makes you sweat and get winded very quickly so that the workouts don’t take up as much time as regular cardio. EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is why hiit is all the rage in home workouts these days… the idea is that after the exercise hiit causes you to burn more calories after the workout is over than regular cardio does. However, as some have suggested hiit isn’t for everyone as it’s just plain ol ‘hard work’ done in a short amount of time so it’s not all that great for cardiovascular health (getting your heart to actually be healthier) as it doesn’t get blood flowing long enough to have a lot of impact… and more importantly, since it’s so damn hard to do, most of us mere mortals who don’t have Superman’s Stamina can’t do it for an enormous amount of time so regular old cardio like walking, running, and jogging get us more calories burned per workout/day as the epoc calorie burn after the hiit session doesn’t make up for an extended cardio workout’s ability to increase your overall caloric deficit in any given day for most folks… on average. HIIT is good if you can build up to it after you get in shape, but for beginners and even intermediate folks just getting started, it’s kind of advanced, and based on personal experience will be a hell of a lot more painful than regular old cardio… – Zuzana’s workouts on youtube (she used to be with bodyrock but went her own way and parted with them to do her own thing called zcut. Before she made zcut what she did on youtube she called zwow). Lionsgate ‘be fit’ This one’s John Bohac’s art, not workout stuff… He was one of my painting professors back in college. This preacher guy actually did a major copyright violation – looks like he put most of Insanity on youtube! WWJD? Hmm….

down to the ‘RevYourWeek’ in my subscription going alphabetically… will do more of the alphabet later when I have more time…

I may add more here later. I will try not to link to anything that’s too unethical or illegal… however, just know that if morals are not that big of a deal to you (i.e. I take absolutely zero responsibility for your actions, etc.), you can likely find almost any video that’s ever been created online somewhere since someone uploaded it somewhere to share with others… torrent sites and video sites like youtube have tons of copyrighted stuff taken down daily. It gets taken down because someone put it up for the world to grab…. and as soon as one is taken down 10 more take it’s place it seems if you follow trends much… because those that had stuff shared with them now want to spread the love and share it even more, so stuff truly goes ‘viral’ just like a real world virus… be careful to stay within the law here on the intertubes & interwebs, that Al Gore took the initiative to create for all of us great people out here (and that the NSA is trying to destroy since they Pwn this here Darpanet, or so they claim) ­čÖé ­čśë

Here’s a neat health tip. Doctors are always saying we should drink more water instead of soda or other sugary drinks. However, water by itself is so bland sometimes… so spice it up! Add mint to your water to make it taste great. Many say when you do this you should crush the mint up to add more flavor to the water. I say, DON’T DO THAT. Mint leaves are a type of plant. Plants cells can survive, or at least ‘stay green’ in water for a lot longer if you don’t smash them up, breaking down the cellular structures in the process… What I do is just fill a jug of water in the fridge with mint leaves I get from a local grocery store, and as I get water out of it, just keep refilling the water. One batch of leaves can last a month or three if you don’t crush them up. After a few weeks when the water starts loosing it’s flavor and getting a little more bland, crush up one of leaves or branches in the water – not all of them. Then keep doing the refill thing til more blandness is happening, and then crush up one or two more leaves, etc. This way you’ll have green still in the jug for a very long, long time and not a bunch of brown dead leaves floating there as you would after a few days if you crushed them all up when you first bought them.

Nice little side note: Mint can help settle stomachs (why do you think so many restaurants give out mint candy after the meal – it’s so that you won’t get stomach problems after eating there, so you’ll come back again.)


Biggest Looser ‘last chance’ workout on youtube:

Bob Harper Kettlebell workout

TOOLS for getting videos in to your local storage for use with Media players, etc.

Another nice little tool recently discovered from an anonymous little birdie that recently sent me a message: – probably the easiest website that will get you most videos on many video websites – alternative to keepvid that works on a few sites that keepvid does not. There’s a few other sites out there like this too, but keepvid and flvcd can get you most of what’s online since they work with most video sites out there.

Video Cache View is awesome. It shows you the ‘cache’ your browser(s) use to store video files. This is very useful since those are bits and pieces of videos you viewed online that your browser saved on your computer already – no downloading of video is necessary since it’s already been downloaded. This gizmo just helps you figure out ‘where’ it was saved to already by the browser… Usually on my computer the individual files end up being about 6 or 7 minutes long for most video sites. It saves like 7 minutes in one file, then a new file will be another 7 minutes if the video in question is 14 minutes long, etc…

Download Youtube Videos as MP4 is also useful but it only works for Youtube, not other video sites…

Fast Video Download add on for Firefox is similar to the Video Cache View, but it only is useful for a limited number of files that were recently viewed, so it’s usefulness isn’t quite as great as the Video Cache View, but for short videos it’s a great option.

Media Stealer Firefox Plugin is another similar tool. – note lately I haven’t been finding media stealer to work well, so not sure if it’s just my installation of it or if it just does not work any more?

Once you have all of the pieces of the puzzle, you need to put them together, but first you need to possibly edit them, etc. These cached videos are typically mp4 or flv files (but won’t necessarily be named with those file extensions at first).

To edit file start/end spots, etc. FLV EDITOR LITE is fantastic. It’s definitely not ‘Adobe Premiere’ quality, but it’s close enough for just splicing start and end times on flv files. I think it even allows you to put up to 4 flvs together in to one file, etc. I have not tested it a lot with multiple file editing, but you could probably piece together 4 videos, and then export that as one video, then add another 3 to the combined and so on and so forth? I might have to try that sometime… Right now I mainly just use it to edit start/end times on individual files and use other software to piece the parts back together.

That ‘other’ software is Free Video Joiner. It allows you to add flv and mp4 files together and save them out as one file that is joined… I’ll warn you though Free Video Joiner uses a LOT of cpu power so using it might cause the fans on your computer to get a little louder as they try to compensate for the heat all that computation cpu power that joining video files uses.

Also, MP4 Joiner sometimes can be fairly handy and fast. Both MP4 Joiner and FLV Editor Lite are very quick since they don’t seem to have to re-encode.

If you are ‘old school’ and don’t have a roku or ‘smart tv’ or whatever and just prefer to burn dvds, Cheapest/easiest dvd maker that I know of that works with a large number of video formats is Sothink movie dvd maker (can’t beat free!)…

There are other free software applications out there, but these are the few I’ve found extremely useful for getting online videos I uploaded in the past that were deleted from hard drive or never backed up locally back in to one piece, etc.

Some nice little tools/plugins/Hardware to help with your home theater system (i.e. getting videos like the ones listed in this post to play on your tv or other type of monitor, etc.)

Streaming video needs a way to get to it’s end location (tv, hdmi monitor, etc.). Some hd tvs have hdmi ports that can just send video directly to a digital tv, using the tv as a second monitor…

For older tvs, some little gizmo is handy… For xbox and stuff like that xmbc might be the solution…

Some smart tvs now can do some video streaming… but some content providers block that when they can, so results can very depending on the hardware/software and what you are trying to stream.

For those on a little more of a budget or that are not in to gaming, streaming devices like the Roku or WD TV Live are fantastic. Take the time to evaluate and think about things before you decide to pick one streamer over another… they are very different beasts… for example The Roku 1 has good ol component out ports for audio/video to go to tvs whereas Apple TV doesn’t seem to have that, nor does later versions of the Roku… as with all gizmos and gadgets, you have to juggle what features you want vs what features will work with the gizmos and gadgets you already own since some things may not be compatible… and some folks try to scam the masses that are not aware of this sort of thing too much (like folks selling junk on ebay to convert hdmi signals in to component signals for regular old school tv ports without letting the buyer know that that won’t work without some other little gizmo that has to be purchased separately, etc.. buyer beware!)

Sometimes computers are needed as ‘middlemen’ of sorts to get some streams to tvs, etc. For this, great software like Plex and Playon Exists among many other various software packages, some of which is free, some of which is not so free…
another little tip… if you find a video somewhere online that you can’t download for whatever reason, but you want to download, use a screen scraper that will record what’s on your monitor. The best/easiest one I’ve found for this sort of thing is bandicam. The free version lets you record 10 minutes at a time and it puts a little watermark on it… If you don’t mind the watermark that shouldn’t be a big deal. The free version of fraps doesn’t let you record 10 minutes at a time, even though some say fraps is better for this sort of thing, especially for recording online gaming, etc. What I like about bandicam vs fraps is bandicam makes it just a little easier to record areas on screen with a little box, or record one window… fraps it’s more hard to record one window or one area… there’s a few other screen scrapers out there like these two tools, but these two are probably the best ones…
as far as with bandicam, etc. goes… it records avi files… if you do need videos more than 30 minutes there are ways to put several avi files in to one video file. Easiest way to do that is with a little command line thing:

What is the best way to join multiple DVD VOB files? Using the Windows copy command: Because the VOBs are simply split files created from previously contiguous larger file, you can reconstruct the larger file using the window copy command. To do this:
a) Open a cmd window using the Windows run command.
b) cd to the folder containing your VOB files.
c) At the command line, enter a command similar to:
copy /b vob1.vob + vob2.vob + vob3.vob outputFile.mpg

This will concatenate multiple VOB files into one output file. Note: Please don’t forget the /b switch.

Avidemux works too… but not as well… it can rip up the area between the two avis or mp4s that are joined making screen unseeable as it’s all pixelated to hell.

Virtual dub is ok too…
if it’s just avi files, windows movie maker or some cheap software like Magix Video Music maker work too.

——————- – little article comparing a few different streaming hardware options

I’ve started a new list of online videos over at reddit since it works better than the playlists in youtube…
(feel free to add more urls over there if you know of some that are not in the list yet)


Roku related links: (not all exercise related stuff, but some of it might be)

you add private channels at and enter the code there when you are logged in. If you know the vanity code for any particular private channel just add /whateverchannelnameis to the above url.

Roku private Channel list sites: – probably most comprehensive list of channels for roku listed online anywhere (you’ll have to log in to yahoo to see that last one)

Some of the codes in some of the above lists don’t still work since developers for individual private channels can stop developing the channels at any given time. Also roku itself can stop allowing developers to run certain channels if they don’t meet certain criteria that roku sets, such as being noncompetitive with dishworld’s exclusive foreign channel monopoly, allowing stuff like youtube to work since roku doesn’t have the ok from the owners of youtube, etc.

The ‘official channels’ are only the ones in the app store in the device or at

Private channels are a whole different ball of wax… Some channels are free, some are pay… There are a LOT of free ones though, so play around and find some stuff that fits your needs.



I’ve been exploring the wide world of the internet from time the time the last few months, and have found quite a few nice online workout videos and diet advice in various locations such as youtube, podcasts, etc. I’m going to start a list here of some of the places to find these awesome resources…

Please note: I take ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY for any of the content linked to below… I’m just linking to various videos and exercise links I’ve found online… I didn’t upload most of this stuff. If there’s some copyright violation or whatever, please don’t come knocking on my door with a court order or something like that. If you are a copyright owner and some of the stuff below is violating your rights, just leave a comment and I’ll try to delete the link as soon as I get a chance to read your comment.
I’m going to start a ‘playlist’ in Youtube that links to some of my favorite online videos in youtube. Below is a link to this massive and ever growing list. Actaully, I just read online that playlist can only contain 200 videos each, so I’ll probably try to link to at least one of my favorites subscriptions in the below playlist – then you can subscribe to each of those individually from your youtube account if you want, etc. There’s literally hundreds if not thousands of workouts on youtube. These are just some of my subscriptions that I have found a love for. Be sure to visit the all videos section on each of the videos in this playlist to find a ton of various workout videos. For example the Be Fit channel alone has a handful of Denise Austin, Jillian Micheals, and many other various workout tapes in it. The bodyrock folks (I think there’s at least 3 different channels for them including the CharlieJames1975, Zuzkalight, Bodyrocktv, and maybe even another one for the yoga if it’s not in the other 3? ) put out out hundreds of videos as they put out at least one new video a week, sometimes multiples a week… and Fit for Duty has bunches too since it’s a Pentagon Channel TV Show that is used by the Military, etc. Hasfit has tons of videos as does Fitness Blender and many others… There’s literally hundreds, if not thousands of great workout videos out there – ALL FOR FREE if you dig far enough to find them. Hopefully this little playlist will help you in your search.

Here’s a playlist of my own various recordings of my own weight loss journey:

Videos and summary of workout efforts up to February 2013 are at if you want more details or just a post where you can do side by side comparisons on some of the videos above by pushing play to a certain frame and then pausing and pushing play on one of the others, etc.

=================== – GREAT link with about 50 places listed to find free workout videos online
nice calorie counter thingy –

Here’s why I’m tempted to do the Bodyrock videos as ‘the morning’ workouts…


Here’s an awesome tip… Use Google Video search!
Do a search for something in Google’s video search like a keyword for workout, or cardio, interval, etc. and then in the left column pick the option for results that are 20+ minutes in length. Blamo, you just found yourself a bunch of 20+ minute workout videos! ­čÖé ­čśë

EDIT: BING VIDEO SEARCH WORKS BETTER THAN GOOGLE NOW because google’s removed some of the search by length options. Bing, however, still has it. Just do some searches and hit the option in Bing to look for long 20 min+ videos. Bing not working for you? Try Yahoo Video Search’s advanced options.

Ryan Magin’s Youtube channel – He explores how various actors workout. (warning – he’s trying to sell you something)
nice long workouts here for medicine ball, etc:

Walking 1-2-3-4-5 miles:

Sword Workout – finally something I might be able to use to workout the crowbars besides the shovelglove stuff.

AR 7 –

AR 7 – ‘Conan’ workout –
Fitness Blender on Youtube


============= – Gold’s Gym Youtube channel
Vivace Workouts:

Use Bungee Cord as an exercise band?
=============== = Olympus Training Fitness courses on youtube
============== – HasFit Video Channel on Youtube.
Real Hollywood Trainer

================ — nice info on Kettle bells.
————– – more info on kettle bells
Nice little video on starting kettle bells:

Some of the lifts near the end are very similar to what I’ve been doing with the dumb bells in the Power 90 videos
======================= – Sincere John’s Youtube Video Channel
============= – Cinder Block Workout – Another Cinder Block workout
============== – nice little list of workout and diet videos on youtube (won’t mention most here since most are 3 minutes or shorter – great for info, but not so great for being your ‘online workout’)
============== – Men’s Health Videos on Youtube
Adrienne White mentions in some of her youtube videos (see link below) that her cardio workouts have 150 beats per minute, and some other workout and fitness folks have similar type of suggestions… so how do you find out how many beats per minute a song is? There’s various ways, but one website that used to rock for this was, however, it went offline quite a while back and nothing has replaced it with the amount of stuff it had listed in my humble opinion… BUT, we are still in luck because there’s an archive of it in the internet archive’s way back machine! ­čÖé

=============== – Adrienne White Youtube Channel
Efit Youtube Channel

E Fit 6 Week Bootcamp


Dumbbell shovel
Body Rock 30 Day challenge
Crossfit Exercises –
Interesting article on ‘chronic cardio’ over at

There’s also a few blogs and forums I’ve read about it lately… interesting idea… the idea is that if you overwork, you will get hurt… seems logical. Makes me think maybe my wanting to do workouts twice a day is a mistake?… Not sure on what is the most appropriate stance on that issue yet since working out this intensely is still a fairly new way of life for me.
============= – Six Pack Shortcuts youtube channel = Be Fit Channel on Youtube has quite a few free workout videos, some even from the popular folks like Jane Fonda, Jillin Micheals, etc. Very nice treasure trove there. – Body Rock TV has a lot of great workouts on youtube. There’s multiple contributors to it, so various multiple channels on youtube… that’s why I’m linking to the main website… You’ll have to explore a bit yourself if you want subscriptions to all the youtube channels related to this. – Learn Yoga on youtube! – Learn even more yoga over there!

Shovel Glove Moves –

More Shovel Glove Moves including the ‘samuari’


Also, if you have a roku or some other way of playing video from internet on tv, both All Fitness TV channel, and Live Exercise seem pretty interesting as well as a few podcasts like Yoga Today, Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast, Yoga with Les, and Fit for Duty.
Fit For Duty on Youtube… (if you have problems finding it in itune podcasts)


now for something a little bit different…
Here’s a video about why exercise is bad for you…

If like me, you find the ‘live exercise’ channel on roku to not work well, you might try getting their videos via youtube…
A few interesting videos

Zuzana’s Zwow workouts

Zumba Nation:

I’m sure there’s many more out there on the internet. Will update the list with more eventually. Have fun. Happy exercising! ­čÖé